Monday, April 7, 2014

Package Design 101

      How is everyone today? 
      *Looks around room*

      *Good, Good. Notices someone with a sad face. Not so good.*

      Life is too short for boo-boo faces peeps! Here is an old, but good (in my opinion), attempt to put a smile on your beautiful faces. 

      I don't understand how the elderly do it. I'm *gulp* middle aged (when that happened I don't know), and I can hardly do it sometimes. This one thing in life should be as easy as 1,2,3, yet instead your fingers start to cramp, and your temper starts to explode (at least mine does). At times you feel like you need to pull out the heavy hitters. You step into the garage for pliers, or you grab a good pair of scissors to get the job done.

      For what you ask? 

      Ah yes, the dreaded safety seal on packages. Nothing gets my red headed temper going quicker than not being able to get into a package at the instant I want to.

      Lets start with salad dressing, shall we? Are you kidding me? Some salad dressings have protective seals over them stating "Lift 'n' Peel." Most times when I do this the plastic lift n peel layer comes off and nothing else. Grrrr. I then resort to, eek, using my teeth, or a knife to try and get it off. Trust me when I tell you I am not the most graceful person to walk this lovely planet. I dropped a knife the other day and for an instant my foot thought it would try to catch it. Luckily it thought better of it, and got out of the way instead. Anyways, I digress.

      How about opening a box of cereal? Usually the box isn't the hard part, the bag inside it is. Really, are you kidding me with this? Sometimes I cannot, for the life of me, pry the hermetically sealed bag apart. I try at an end...nothing. I try the middle where the seam comes up...nothing. Yes, here comes my temper. I try the end again, and rrrriiiippp. The bag rips in some obscure place and cereal flies all over. Ah yes  I love package design.

      How about I not mention the times when the head throbs and feels like it will explode if you don't put some form of aspirin in it at once. If it isn't the lift tab here on top, it is little tiny notches on the sides. Line em up and pop the top off. Yea, that isn't as easy as it sounds either. Finally when you do get in you may run into a whole cotton plant on top before you can get to those much needed aspirin. *Shaking my head*

      I had this blog in my head for a while, but kept putting it on the back burner. Last night though changed me. I fell asleep in my favorite chair. That is nothing new, it happens quite often. I awoke and turned instantly grumpy at myself for not taking my tired body to bed when I should have. I sleepily looked at my two babies, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who told me it was time for their last treat. We slowly walked to their magic cupboard that produces food and treats. I pulled out a new bag of treats and tried to open it. Heaven forbid it's one of those with a notch that you pull across and it has a zipper to close it. I ripped, but couldn't get to the zip. I didn't want to open my eyes very far for fear that I would wake up too much, but that bag had me going insane. Those two dogs looked at me with their big brown eyes and that was the end of me. I threw the bag back into the cupboard and opened up a Tupperware container that was full of treats, and gave them their snack. "That's it," I stated. "Thursday's blog is about package design." Besides, if you had these faces staring at you I bet you'd do what it took to get them their treat!

      I am not joking when I say I don't know how the elderly do it. I think of my mom who has arthritis in her fingers and thumbs and wonder how she gets anything open. 

      I know this is a necessity in our sometimes evil society. I just think there are so many smart people out there, can't someone come up with easier packaging solutions?

On a side note, these are my dogs, Savannah and Alexis. They are camera hogs and will make their way into more blogs, I am sure. If you'll have them, that is. My guess is that you will, because I haven't found anyone that can say no to those faces!

Am I wrong in my thinking about package design? Is there any easier way I could be opening these products so I don't lose my cool, or my cereal?

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