Monday, April 28, 2014

Torturous Screams

      Earlier I sat here pondering what I was going to rant about tonight. I had an adult beverage, discussed the work day doings with Charmed One, and finally came up with something. 

      Then we went to walk the dogs. 

      I had headed for the living room where Charmed had the dogs ready to go when I heard a blood curdling "AGH" out the window. The following conversation ensued.

      Me: "Did someone's face just get ripped off?

      Charmed: *Sigh.* Stares out window watching screaming person.

      Me: *Walk up to window and watches person who screams as if they are being tortured. Said person walks a few steps and screams "AGH" again.* Then I ask. "Is he screaming at people?" *Looks around and thankfully sees no one in near vicinity.*

      Charmed: "I'm calling the non-emergency police number."

      Me. "Okay." *Keeps watching said crazy man walking up street continuing to yell at top of his lungs. *Shakes head.*

      There are many times when we get a chuckle about things happening outside these windows. This is a touristy city, so you'll have that. But this is the first time we had to alert the good men and women in blue. If I had any doubts I saw six police cars and vans roll by within the next five minutes. 

      I don't know if they found that individual, but I was reassured by the police presence in such a short time. 

      I know I have times when I want to yell in frustration at the top of my lungs. But I hold it in, or vent to a friend. I don't purposely set out to wreak havoc upon people, or cars, or animals, etc. All I know is I'd like to track this troubled guy down to thank him for some interesting moments this evening, and providing me with a subject for this rant. :)

      Have you ever overheard something that made you think someone was being harmed? Have you ever had to call the police on someone? What do you do to relieve frustration?


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