Monday, April 23, 2012

Very Pinterest-ing

  It’s amazing to me to think of the globally social world we live in today. I review my stats for this blog and see that people from Russia, Germany, the U.K. and Canada, amongst other countries, stops by to read. It is so remarkable to think that people from that far away could hop on a computer and be right here!

  In years past if I wanted get in touch with an author I would have to use the library to find an address to get in touch with them. Then I would have to hand write a letter and use the postal system to get it to them. In today’s day and age all I have to do is go to their website. You can send them an email right from there. Better yet, if you want an even bigger view into their lives you can follow them on twitter, or Facebook. Today’s social networking has many ways you can keep in touch with old friends, or make new.

  A couple of years ago my brother joined the Facebook frenzy. I followed along shortly after that. I like Facebook, but don’t like the changes they feel they have to make every couple of months. I have reconnected with old friends, and made a few new ones also. Its fun and I follow A LOT of authors that I like on there.

  A few months ago I joined Twitter. I don’t like it as much as facebook, but it’s okay. Not a lot of my friends use it. But I am trying to develop a following so I need to do these things! I follow quite a few authors, and was awestruck when I got an email alerting me that one of my favorites, Carla Neggers, was following me on Twitter! That was the best birthday present I could have received.

  Then a good friend sent me an invite to LinkedIn. So I joined. What the heck, possibly more networking opportunities! That same friend also sent me an invite to Pinterest. I have to admit that I have heard a lot recently about it, so today I finally allowed myself some time to play.

  I’ve been hoping to write a blog about this for a while, but I have to know at least a little about the subject before I set words on a page. I must say that I think the overall idea is neat. For those of you who haven’t visited yet, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can pin pictures of interesting things you find on the web. People use pinboards to pin up wedding ideas, recipes, places they’ve visited, and decorating ideas to name just a few. From what I can tell it’s pretty neat. I have created two boards so far just tinkering with it. I am kind of disappointed that I cannot upload my own photos, but c’est la vie! I will say that Pinterest is interesting.

  As of right now I have no followers. Feel free to join up, and join me. You can find me at Kelly Ryan Watson. It you want to tweet or find me on LinkedIn, I’m Kelly Watson, or Kelly Watson2828, I’ll follow you right back. My personality on Facebook is Kelly Lee Watson. Yes, that’s right, I have a personality issue. Who doesn't, right? Right?

Do you use Pinterest? Do you like it? What is your social network of choice, Facebook, Twitter, or something else? 

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