Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful for Thursday's!

  I hope you all know how much I love this writing gig. Unfortunately, until my books get published I have to keep plugging away at my paying job. That’s okay, because there really is nothing wrong with my actual job, except it takes a toll on my body. I am a horticulturalist. I work at an ornamental tree and shrub nursery where I do anything from plant propagation to landscape design. Even though every day brings something new, many days involve lifting and moving a lot of plants. Sometimes they are small plants, others they are larger. But oh, the tranquility and the scenery make it very bearable!

  There is one day that I love my job more than others and that is Thursday. No, it’s not payday! Thursday’s are when a small group of special needs children come to the nursery and help out for an hour or so. Their handicaps range in severity, so we provide an easy task for them. Most times that task is potting plants. These kids are phenomenal. They have humbled me in ways I never thought imaginable. Each semester brings a new group of kids, and this semester…well let’s just say they are pretty feisty.

  My bosses call this group my fan club. Every Thursday a handful of kids cheerily depart their bus and march their way toward their weekly work. One of them runs all the way to me and hugs me before starting. Her name is Alicia, but upon introductions she stated, “Everyone just calls me Princess!” Well Alicia, er…Princess, is priceless. They all are. Every week at the end of their time with us I will put music on the computer. Two out of four of them dance away. The smiles on all of their faces make me forget about everything else going on in life. I will certainly miss them when the semester ends. After all, it is them who make me feel like a Princess! They even made me this sign for my birthday. This did bring tears to my eyes.

  So, this is one thing that makes me thankful for Thursday’s. Its one thing that makes me appreciate my life all that much more. I have decided that on my Thursday blog I will add a plant tip or fact at the very bottom of the blog. I will call it W.P.I. for weekly plant information. I hope you enjoy!

So tell me…what is your paying job? Do you enjoy your job, or is it a stepping stone? Is there something that makes you take a step back and be grateful for what you have in life?

W.P.I. - If you have already planted tender plants or vegetables and a late season frost is expected, cover them with sheets. Another way to protect them from harm is by using the plastic containers they come in. Just flip them upside down and place them over top of the plant. Be sure to remove them in the morning before it gets too hot. Instead of throwing away those plastic pots try taking them to a nursery. Many nurseries recycle their pots and will re use them many times.

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