Monday, June 11, 2012

Can I Have My Attention Please?

Many, many moons ago!
  There are many times that I set out on a mission to make people laugh. Laughter is one sound that I absolutely love to hear, and we don’t do nearly enough of, IMO. I have been this way my whole life. That could be the reason why I won the coveted Class Clown award many many moons ago in high school! Trust me when I tell you though, Ellen DeGeneres has nothing to worry about! So I hope that when you read my ramblings here you keep that at the back of your mind.

  I self diagnosed myself as having attention deficit yesterday. I will admit that I have a touch of it on most days, but it was full blown on that day. It got so bad that I just had to sit back and laugh at myself. Let’s see…where do I begin? Well, it started when I rolled out of bed at 6:45 a.m. I managed to get a half cup of coffee gone before Snake Charmer left. Problem number 1-always finish the first cup of coffee. I started to put clean dishes away out of the dishwasher. Something got my interest and made me walk into the living room. I saw dust so I grabbed the dust rag and started dusting. After I finished that I went back into the kitchen and realized I never finished putting the dishes away. K While still doing the dishes I thought, I need to put some laundry in. I walk out and start the washing machine, grabbed clothes, and started load number one. Somehow I ended up in the master bath. Hmm, that needs a little cleaning too. Are you starting to see a pattern? After cleaning half of the bath I again found myself standing in the kitchen. Now I’m hungry. I pour a bowl of cereal and grab my nook. (I can’t help it, when I’m alone I read and eat at the same time.) I finish and continue reading. I am nearly finished with the book when the battery thingy starts flashing. Great, time to recharge that and get back to the task at hand. Er…what was I doing last?

  It was at that point that I just laughed at myself. No matter how hard I tried I continued this pattern all morning long. All.Morning.Long. I finally finished cleaning and fell fast asleep in the chair. Sitting up. With a forty pound dog on my lap. I guess all of the mass confusion in my mind caught up with me.

  So, this is me. I told this story to Snake Charmer when we were eating. That resulted in the Charmed one almost choking on a French fry. It’s a *facepalm* day.

  I have to admit that I am a little awestruck  at a recent event on facebook. I was sent a friend invite from a real, live, has been published many times, author. To her own private page! My cheeks redden even as I type this. I am pretty much speechless. I feel so lucky, and maybe a little worried, although friends tell me not to be. The Charmed One says that the author likes me for me, and to not change a thing. They say that she must enjoy what I write either here, or the blog that she is a part of-The Goddess Blogs. (Don’t laugh, it is a blog with ten wonderful, unique authors, who talk about this and that and post great pics of men on Sunday’s! Check them out sometime!)

  I can’t help but worry. To quote Jill Shalvis, “I can’t even explain myself to myself!” I think that might scare some people!

Do you self diagnose? Is your attention span a little better than mine, or do you have your moments also? Have you won any prestigious awards in school or your workplace? 


  1. I am new to your blog. I really enjoyed reading about your "ADD" (have you ever noticed that spells add?..hmmm) moments. I have them myself. Usually in conversation more than anything else. I can start talking about my kids and end up talking about a book I read when I was

    Congrats on being invited to the page of the "super secret"

    I will be checking out the goddess blogs.

    I just started my own blog. Very new to this, but would love to have you join me.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Tina! I hate to admit that more often than not it happens to me during conversations also. Most times it happens at my paying job. Someone will talk plants and I'll be thinking out plots for my book!

    The Goddess Blogs are fun. I hope you will give them a try.

    Good luck with your own blog, I am heading over there now! Thanks for following!