Monday, June 4, 2012

The Music In Me

  One of the memories that stand out the most from my childhood is my brothers blasting AC/DC and jumping around playing air guitar while lip syncing all the lyrics. It happened with many bands, not just the aforementioned. Every day after school they marched into the house, threw their books in their rooms and made their way to the stereo. The speaker’s limits were tested as they cranked up their band of the day. It always varied from Aerosmith to Loverboy to Foreigner to Styx to name a few. I guess my love for music must have started then, although I am positive I vowed to myself to never play air guitar or lip sync in public. Sadly I have sung in public, but let’s keep that on the down low, shall we?

  So my love of music started young. I’m from the country, so it was just natural that when I was old enough to form my own opinions about music I would listen to the twanging strings and great story telling folks that make up the genre. Later on I would listen to a lot of pop, rock, and country. Then I became a licensed massage therapist and became a fan of classical and more instrumental music. Needless to say I have music of all sorts in me.

  I am telling you all of this for a reason. It seems that I have read somewhere along the way that if someone is writing a blog to let your readers know a favorite team you follow, or star, etc. I have already told you all that I am a HUGE hockey fan, and I will always love the Buffalo Sabres. Today I am here to tell you about the one person in the music world who I absolutely adore. She has the same birthday, hair color, eye color, and a much better voice than me. She comes to me in dreams and saves my life. She is a huge inspiration to me. SHE is the one and only…Reba McEntire. (Notice she is Irish also!)

  So, from here on out you might see me using words such as Reba Nation, or Rebatastic or some other word I make up to describe how awesome I think she is. Oh, and she has a new series coming out on ABC in the fall called Malibu Country. I will watch each episode faithfully, because that is what this superfan does! (I made that word up too!)

  Now you have it. My music hero. I have a couple others like P!nk and Adele, but I never have dreamt of them. They have never saved my life. Hey...I know it was a dream. It felt real! Don’t judge me!!! Anywho…

  I am going to leave you with a video that cracks me up. It is by a band called Walk off the Earth. They are doing a cover of the Gotye song, Somebody That I Used To Know. It is five people playing one guitar at the same time. If you haven’t seen it please check it out. It is pretty amazing.

  Who makes up the music in you? Do you listen to all different genres of music, or do you keep to one? Does anyone inspire you like Reba does me? 

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