Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Steps

  Are you one of those people that envision something in their head, and then do what it takes to make that vision come true? It can be done with any facet of life, really. Say for example a career, a home improvement project, or heck even a human improvement project! Years ago I envisioned myself as a healthier person. Shortly thereafter I quit smoking. But this rambling is not about becoming healthier. Or is it? This rambling is about the baby steps it takes to get to that vision, and the feelings one experiences when they realize their visions have become true.

  Honestly I wish I could tell you that this blog is about me becoming a published writer, but it’s not. That is a vision I have had in my head for a while now, but there are many baby steps that need to be taken to get there. Many, many, steps. And right about now I feel like I’ve hit quicksand. Not to fear though, I’m working my way out of it. Slowly but surely! But no matter what happens along the way I never lose sight of that vision. Not all visions are easy, right? There are some things that you have to fight harder for. This is one that I will fight to the end with. J

  So I’ve had two big visions for the past little while. Obviously the writing one is a biggie. If you’ve followed me for very long then you know I talk a lot about the city of Savannah, and a possible move there. It is a dream. And that dream I have made into one of my visions. Now, the timing is not the best, but who knows if there would ever be a right time. So, lets start the steps, shall we? Our house needed some updating. One by one we have got that done. We’ve taken those baby steps through the bathroom, and then onto the kitchen. I tackled the landscape. It started out slow, but then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and couldn’t stop. I can’t tell you how motivated I was just thinking that every little thing we did put us one step closer to the ultimate goal of moving to Savannah. Well my peeps, I have some news!

  The sign went up just this week. I can’t tell you exactly how I feel. On one hand I’m ecstatic. On the other I am pretty much terrified. But overall I am happy. To me the hard part was getting everything ready. All of those steps it took to get this far were so worth it. And I know there are so many more to take before the actual move, but I am so ready. There’s just something about Savannah that makes me feel better. Every time I go there I seem to breathe easier. My muscles don’t feel as tense, and my mind is clearer. I’m ready for the next steps, both in writing, and the move!

What things do you envision in your life? Have you taken the steps to make that vision become a reality? Was it worth it? Did it turn out like you thought it would? Did you ever get scared when it started becoming a reality?

W.P.I. - Plants love compost. It's a natural fertilizer that's great for the environment and cuts down on garbage bags dumped in landfills. Don't use meat. Use the fruits and vegetables leftover from your table, coffee grounds, and some newspaper. Toss them in your blender with a little bit of water, blend. Put your compost smoothie in a Rubbermaid container you've drilled holes in. Add worms. Not just any worms. You want the big, fat red ones. It won't take the worms long to break down the little pieces and turn them into compost. Layer the compost around your shrubs. They will love you for it.


  1. You interested, Read On? I'll make you a great deal! Haha. Thank you for the compliment, and comment!