Monday, July 14, 2014

Please to Forgive?

      My computer is on its last leg, so I'm hoping to get a short, short blog in. To prove how short I'm talking take a look at this. 

      Okay, okay. So maybe that was a little lame. Well, to prove myself even more I give you this as a peace offering...

      Yes, I did just give you the one and only David Gandy. Good golly I love that man. 

      And I do have to go now, because I don't trust this computer to last much longer. I did buy a new one today, Sunday, but Blogger is never easy to get along with, and I can't access everything I need with them. Hopefully Thursday's blog will be brought to you by the new touch screen laptop. And maybe it will involve a story about how technologically inept I am. :)

      When did you last buy a computer? Do you panic at deadlines? If Mr. Gandy doesn't do it for you, who does?

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