Thursday, July 3, 2014


      Recently I realized that one of my biggest nuisances isn't around. I mean these things are a real pain in my rear, and so many plants hate them too. I would too if they ate my skin and left me looking transparent. 

      I work with plants nearly every day. This time of the year I usually see one type of bug eating its way through nearly every plant possible. But... I haven't. And it is WONDERFUL. Apparently the majority of their population hasn't considered Savannah as a home yet. For this I say "Thank you!"

      Even when I lived in New York these pests wreaked havoc on beautiful plant life, leaving landscapes looking lacking and barren. Pests that are just as disgusting, to me, as a cockroach. 

      Which horrid creature am I talking about? 

      The nasty Japanese Beetle.

      Lately I've heard my friends in NC talking about the beetles on their plants. It made me realize that I haven't seen one at all here. So i enquired about it. Low and behold it seems that Japanese beetles may have been seen here, but they have not yet been consistently spotted, or truly live here. For this I dance.

      I wonder how long it will be before they cross the river and decide this is a happy nesting ground as well. Hopefully it will be many, many years from now. :)

      Do you garden? What garden pest constantly bothers your garden? If Japanese Beetles are a problem for you what do you do to control them?


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