Thursday, February 28, 2013

David Eye-Gandy

I don't want to hear it! The look worked!
  It amazes me that I never want a book to end. I get so caught up in the characters and the story that I feel as if I could just keep reading and reading. Sadly I'm like that when I'm writing too. I fall in love with my characters, and I have a hard time writing The End. This is one reason why I haven't started my next book. I'm still revising the last one. I didn't do as much revising while writing on the last one like I did the first. Therefore I'm going slow and trying to cut out a couple thousand words here and there. Plus, I still love those characters, and I'm trying to be sure that everyone falls in love with them. I'm polishing. I'm trying to get it just so because I'm this close to sending it off to a publishing company. Keep your fingers crossed. :)

  In the meantime my mind is filled with ideas and characters for my next book. Every day I try to concentrate on things I need to do but these faces keep popping in my head. I hear conversations. I see settings. Emm. I'm getting excited. My fingers are antsy. My storyboard  is almost ready. And therein lies the problem. My storyboard contains faces and places. Others might add more, but the rest for me is in my head and on paper. This is my last storyboard. My main characters and a couple of places. 
  Why do I have a problem this time? A couple of blogs back I introduced you to potential heroes. I got two official votes for two different guys. So I had to be the tiebreaker. If there are any guys reading this now you may want to tune out. The rest is for the girls! 

  My problem is this...
  I could use a whole wall to post pics of my hero... Mr. David Gandy! He's simply gorg!

With clothes...
Or without...

Or in between...

He's intense...

And he's contemplative...

And finally he's patient and loving...

He's going to need all of those qualities to deal with the heroine. She's about to test each and every one of them!

  I'm thinking his name should be either Blake, Noah, Sebastian, or Gage. But that is just me. Maybe you would like to have input? I'd love to hear it.

  What name, other than David, fits him? Does he look like he's up to the task of being tortured in nearly every aspect by the heroine? What is your favorite look from him? Do you think I'll get this book wrote, or will I be staring at my board way too much?

W.P.I. - Here in North Carolina we've had a few days that have been warm, and some that produced a little snow. While walking the dogs around the property the other day I noticed some daylilies and sedum already starting to come up. Yikes. I just heard our March is going to be the worst month out of the winter. I guess I better do some covering. Usually I start seeds by now too, but I just may hold off a bit longer. All seeds have different germination periods. Do you stagger your planting or just start them all at once?
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Roots And Rolling Stones

  Nickelback’s song “Photograph” came on the radio today. It was always one of my more favorites because it makes me think of the past. The words conjure up pictures in my mind of instances from my childhood, friends with whom I love to pieces but barely speak to or see anymore, family that has sadly come and gone. My mind pictures fun and crazy times and reckless youth. I see carefree moments when our muscles didn’t know the meaning of tense. Thinking back to, or seeing these pictures really make me wonder where has the time gone?

  These images remind me how changing this world is, how much we change through the course of our life. I’m one of those people that change with the wind. At times I feel like a leaf that has fallen from a tree and floats aimlessly. My course of direction changes with the breeze. This applies to many aspects of my life, and I don’t know why. I am definitely not one of those that stay in one spot and grow roots. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just not me. At times it frustrates me that I am this way, but it is something that makes me who I am, I guess.

  Maybe that is one thing that draws me to writing. I can write one story and when it is finished, whether I want to or not, I move on to another story that has come thundering into my mind. The stories flutter in my brain like that leaf does in the wind. That is just the thing too. No matter where that leaf lands it makes a home of it for a while until the next breeze comes along. Or rake. Or leaf blower.

  I really don’t know why I’m rambling like this. I’m not really talking where I live either. I spent almost 30 years in New York. My last 10+ have been in North Carolina. Hopefully one day soon I will land in Savannah, but who knows. This leaf is fluttering, and the winds are starting to blow.
  Either way life is short my peeps. Make the best of it no matter where, or who, you are!

  Obviously my thoughts are spread wide and far today. I've gone from one thing to the next with no clear vision. I guess you all should be lucky it was that one song I focused on. Later on Meredith Brooks blessed us with her song “Bitc#.” I could’ve focused on that aspect of myself instead!  

  Do you ever feel like that leaf? What focuses you when you wander? Do you flashback when you hear that song? What is tickling your listening fancy these days?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Change of Heart

  Well, if you can’t tell I go off on tangents sometimes. I’m Irish, what can I say? J But when I do I just want you all to get to know me, to get a sense of my personality, and my voice. If you are a reader you know what I mean about voice, right? Now this is leading me back to my whole reason for starting this blog. It is to reach out to you through here to get you used to me. I write because I love to, and hope to do it for pay one day. I do it to entertain you. When I first started writing this I guess I didn’t have a clue (and still really don’t!) what direction I wanted to go with it other than I didn’t want to shove me, me, me down your throat. So I try to mix it up some. But every now and then I turn it back towards books. That is really why I’m here, right?

  A while back I wrote a blog entitled, “First Person Overload.” I let you all know my displeasure with any book written in first person point of view. I even told you in no uncertain terms that I am a bonehead because I read the cover of a book and decide I want to purchase it. Only when I open said book do I realize it is written in the dreaded first person. I suffer through those books. Or do I?

  Recently I have read three books that have been written in first person. Two are Young Adult/New Adult contemporary romances. I will tell you those two books are two of the best books I have read in a while. The plots in these books, and the subject matter, make me completely overlook the fact that it is written in first person. Pages turn like moth wings flicker near a light. What books have I read that have made me change my mind? The first was entitled, “The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden,” by Jessica Sorensen. The one I am currently reading that I can’t put down is, “The Edge of Never,” by J.A. Redmerski. Now, I hope I don’t change my mind about this one I’m reading. Hopefully in the end the hero doesn’t turn out to be a dang werewolf or something. Barring the fact that doesn’t happen I will be hooked on these authors, and the whole Young Adult genre. I had noticed that a lot of those books were written first person. I'm glad now that I've given them a shot. A whole new genre awaits me!

  My feelings on the other book are still up in the air. I had read where some of my more favorite authors loved the book, and I believe it was a top seller last year. I can’t bring myself to feel much of anything for this book. The book is…Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. I’m still scratching my head over that one. First of all I don’t like mind games of any type. Gone Girl had mind…issues. The book made me feel yucky, and the first person pov had me wanting to put it down. I didn't though. I finished it, but not before predicting the ending! 

  Again, these are books that I like. You and I are two different people though, and we have two completely different personalities. The two Young Adult/New Adult contemporary romances deal with some touchy issues that are not for everyone. And one has a HUGE cliffhanger ending that I wish I would have known about beforehand! But every once in a while I need to steer it back to what I’m here for. Somewhat!

  What is your favorite genre of books? Have you read any first person novels lately? Have you read any of these titles? Did you like it, or want to pull your hair out with it?

W.P.I. - During the 1600s, tulips were so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold. The craze was called tulip mania, or tulipomania, and caused the crash of the Dutch economy. Tulips can continue to grow as much as an inch per day after being cut.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Overwhelmed By Valentine's Day

  Just for fun I Googled the word Cupid. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that the first site to pop up was a dating site entitled is another one that appeared a couple of sites below the first, and I’m sure if I looked farther I would have found more. Honestly I have never been on one of those dating sites, and I really thank my lucky stars I don’t have to resort to that. Is it really that bad though?

  Now look at what happened. I had this whole plan to talk about Cupid shooting people with his love arrows. Said people would then fall in love. Cupid would be praised as a hero, and Valentine’s Day would be deemed a success. Now I’m waaay off track and I’m not quite sure how to get back on. Heaven only knows what I would find if I Googled Valentine’s Day. Probably some horror movie would show up or something. J

  So, here in the United States, we are brainwashed into thinking that Valentine’s Day is the be all that ends all in the LOVE department. As children we buy or make Valentine Day cards for our “friends.” We all know that we pick out the best cards for those we would like to become better friends with. The problem is instead of hearts exploding with love many times they get shattered into a million little pieces because the ones we have our eyes set on have no interest whatsoever. The way I saw it was that Valentine’s Day teaches kids how to become introverts. Who wants to take a chance on love when chances are you will just get shot down?

  Now, you may think that I was one of those whose cute little card was not thought of or appreciated the way it should have been. Maybe that is why I have this jilted view of the Day Of Love. Did I ever get the Be Mine candy heart? Honestly… I don’t remember. I’m sure I did. I just think that when you put so much emphasis on love one day a year you are bound for heartbreak. Love should be emphasized every day of the year.

  Why do we pressure the ones we love to buy jewelry, candy, or flowers? Why do we drive ourselves nuts trying to figure out something romantic for our significant others? Can’t we express our love in different ways, on different days? What about the people that don’t have that someone special in their life? There’s nothing like realizing you are alone on the proclaimed most romantic day of the year. One of your coworkers ooh and ahh about their Valentine Day plans while another accepts flowers from a delivery person. Yea… nothing says heartbreak more than watching and listening to those that are loved be adorned this one day.

  As you can see I am not a big fan of this day. The Charmed One and I usually don’t celebrate it in any certain way. We try to spread things out throughout the year. A small gift here, a day trip there. We proclaim our love to each other every day, in different ways, and don’t go overboard on just one.

  With all that being said I hope you do have a great day. I hope you get whatever it is you might want. You do deserve it!!!

  Is your significant other the romantic type? Do you do something special to celebrate the day? Did you get the Valentine you wanted from the person you wanted it from when you were a kid? What is your favorite Valentine’s Day present?

W.P.I. - The history of giving your loved one Valentine's Day flowers comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending floral bouquets to pass on non-verbal messages. Introduced in the 18th century by Charles II of Sweden, each flower had a specific meaning attached to it, making it possible to have an entire conversation using only flowers.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nemo's Nostalgia

I come from where the pink 200" + is on the left.  Good times!

  Some of you know that I hail from upstate New York. To be exact I come from a town about an hour south of Buffalo. Four seasons of weather come and go. Two of them are usually way too short, summer and fall. We were called the “Snow Belt,” because it wasn’t a matter of when it would snow, but how much it would snow, and what areas would get it. Many times when my town would get six to eight inches others around would only get an inch or two. Why? It all depended on winds, and Lake Erie. If Lake Erie doesn’t freeze the southern tier of Western NY is doomed for inches or feet of snow. Do I miss it? Hell no!

This is not an over exxageration!
  This past weekend the people of the Northeast were hammered with Winter Storm Nemo. I watched from the comfort of my cozy home and realized I don’t miss that. At all. Of course it brings back memories of school closing, sledding, and skiing. It reminds me of being outside and playing in it until I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes. As soon as we came in all snow pants, boots, gloves, jackets, and hats came off by the nearest door. We all trudged to the closest heat source, hands out, frozen fingers seeking warmth. Rosy cheeks lasted for hours as the thawing out process occurred. Then we would be warm, our clothes would be dried, our bellies would be full. Before you knew it we would pull all those clothes back on and start all over again.

  Those were the fun times. Remembering back to those times brings a smile to my face. Then I remember the dreaded things. Things like shoveling, driving on ice and slush, and the dreaded wet socks. It is just inevitable that no matter what, snow would be strewn throughout the house. It would melt leaving an invisible puddle of cold water just waiting for that unsuspecting foot to step into it. Yes, good times! No, I don’t miss the backaches, the wet socks, the ditches. J

  So I remember why I moved South while I watch as the people of the Northeast shovel out from the snowstorm that rocked their world. The winters became nearly six months of gray skies, a landscape of frozen white and long days. Yes, this past storm reminds me of many things. My thoughts are with all of you as the thawing and shoveling out process begins. Here are a couple pics of sun and warm. Maybe that will help!   

  What is your weather? Were you a victim of Nemo? What are your good and bad memories of unfavorable weather?   

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wanna Get Away?

  Day by day the walls seemed to get closer. Rooms got smaller. The amount of space between the ceiling and floor closed. Breaths grew shorter. Life, it feels, was slipping from the grasp of tightened control.

  So, we made reservations and took off! It seems we both needed to escape the confining walls of everyday life. The Charmed One had free nights at any Marriott chain, so four nights were booked and we were on our way. Where did we go? Do you really need to ask? If you know me, or read this regularly, then you know Savannah, Georgia is like another lover to me. We packed up a couple of bags, some essentials, the dogs, and off we went. Luckily for us it is only about four hours away.

  We walked and walked and walked. Just when I thought I would lose weight from the walking we ate and ate and ate. Then we would walk some more. I love the architecture and wrought iron, so I take pictures of them. Of course I take pictures of the gardens and flowers too!

  I even found what I want the columns in my next house to look like... BOOKS!

  I’ve always wanted to walk the dogs on a beach. I found out the beaches of Hilton Head Island are dog friendly. So we took a day trip!

  We may have looked for places to live, in hopes that one day we may sell this house!

  I have to rejoin the real world now. L These past few days though have been great for our mental health, and left us feeling renewed.

  Are you a routine person? Do you ever feel life constricting you? Where is your get away destination?

W.P.I. - Here in the south azaleas are a prevalent Spring bloom. Due to the different families of them you can see azalea blooms from February until May, making them a southern favorite. Now they have even genetically engineered them to bloom more than one time a year. Two varieties of these are brands called Encore Azaleas, and Bloom n Again Azaleas. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Visual Aids

  Some writers use visuals to aide them with their writing. The last book I wrote I used pictures for the main characters, one of the home, one of the business, and one of the small town that it all took place in. Naturally, the pictures of the town and business weren't exactly what I had in mind, but they were close enough that if I just needed to remember something that picture would remind me. I use pics of the faces so I don’t have to recall later what color eyes or hair someone has. It just helps me. That is just the way I do it. Not all writers work the same way though.

  Since finishing my last book thoughts are running through my mind to who the new characters will be for my upcoming book. Sometimes while panning through Pinterest, or wherever, I come across pictures that I think, “Man, he could be one of my heroes.” Sometimes these guys are models, actors, or athletes. Sometimes they have great bodies, sometimes they don’t. You can always write a great body without a visual, I think. It’s just there is always something to be said about great...--->>>

  I thought I’d put it out there for you guys this time. I’d like your input to who you think my next hero should be. He is a rugged law enforcement man. His work life is rough which is why he likes his home life somewhat quiet. When he has to track down a woman from his past quiet gets thrown out the window. Unfortunately he can't be happy until she forgives him. It's extremely unfortunate for him that she is more difficult than most criminals he has to deal with. 

  That is a little rough, I know. Hey, I am in the planning stages here. Wait til you see how it ends up. Will it even be close to that synopsis? Who knows. Now it is up to you. Who do you think this character should be?

  How about possibility number 1?

  Maybe this guy fits better.


  Finally, number 3, could it be?

  Now, I think I know in my mind who I want to look at for the next few months. I want to know who you think works best with the limited knowledge you have. Honestly, how can I go wrong?

  Which one is your choice? Do you have someone else that would work better? Sharing is nice, you know!