Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stupid Genes=Cool Video

  Yes, I had a stupid genes moment yesterday. The results hopefully won’t end up with me seeing a doctor. Hopefully is the key word in that sentence. My stupid genes struck in the morning. Unfortunately, as the day progressed so did the aggravation associated with the injury. This is not the first time this injury has occurred either. It’s the fourth!

  It is the fourth time that I have scratched an eye. One time my dog did it. Two other times it happened at work. After the first time at work I make sure to always wear sunglasses for protection. Well, there was a time that I didn’t and I paid for it. I reached into a plant for a tag and got waaay to close to a jagged holly leaf. Needless to say every time my eye was scratched I ended up seeing a doctor for it. Yesterday I potted some bigger plants to put on my back porch to provide some privacy from the neighbors, and road. I carried them to the deck after they were potted. Well, one of the branches reached out right behind my sunglasses and…you guessed it. Four.Times. I guess I need to think about goggles. Sheesh. 

   So, I am cutting it short today. I’m going to share a video that always makes me laugh. Hope you enjoy!
Cats playing patty cake!

W.P.I.- When re-potting plants make sure to break up the root ball. Sometimes you may need a utility knife or shovel to do it. If potting into a concrete container remember to water more often. The concrete absorbs the water quicker than the roots can. 


  1. Just hearing about your eye getting scratched makes my eyes water! Oh! I feel for you, and hope your eye heals fast. And don't worry, I'm about as graceful as a water buffalo, except for me, it's my legs, always bruised cause I"m eternally walking into something.

  2. Okay, so I wear goggles and you wear shin guards? The eye is a little better today, thanks.

    Ah, bruised legs. I hate that. I walked into a dishwasher door the other day and thought I broke the bone. Eek.

    I think I could've started a blog on weird or crazy "incidences" like these. I know deep down that we all have them. It just takes us courageous ones to tell about it! Thanks for stopping by!