Thursday, May 31, 2012

O My Irish Heritage!

  If you are a regular here then you know I claim to be a hundred percent Irish. If you’re not a regular then I’ll tell you that I tell my family I don’t know what the rest of them are but I am Irish to the hilt. My great grandfather’s last name was Ryan (hence the name!), I have red hair, and well I just love all things Ireland. Recently though some family and friends have stated they wonder about my…er…Irishness.

  I fancy me a Guinness every now and then. Actually, I like beer of any flavor at about any time! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an alcoholic, I just like to have a drink once in a while. Over the past couple of weeks I have given up beer. Upon telling my friend Tweet (her actual name is a bird name, but for blog purposes we’ll call her Tweet!) this she just about grew another head. She asked if I gave up drinking everything. I kind of just looked at her and smiled. I then let her know that I do have the tiniest bit of whiskey with a cup of tea. She immediately started cracking up and stated, “That’s good, I was starting to worry about your Irishness! They may take away your Irish Card.”

  As a reminder, I found out I have a fear of heights. It was an unpleasant experience that I would rather not remember. With that being said I tempt my fear of heights. Why? Because I am stubborn. I am a redhead. I feel I must, because it makes me mad that I have this fear. I believe that it is a mental thing that I can overcome. Stubborn. I am in a hotel for a couple of days. My room is on the fourth floor. It has about a three foot wide balcony with two chairs that face each other and a small table. Below is a courtyard with a pool and beautiful landscaping (although I would change a couple of things!)  When I arrived the other day it was raining and windy from tropical depression Beryl. I didn’t step foot onto the balcony. This morning though, it had quit raining so I grabbed my coffee and tempted fate. It was okay at first. Then suddenly I noticed my chair started inching its way toward the wall. That’s where I sat perched. Needless to say I held the wall up. I got so mad at myself. Stubborn.

  Reality hit me pretty hard a couple of weeks ago. I have road rage. My commute is forty minutes long. This is thirty minutes too long! Of course everyone in Podunk County believes the car behind them knows exactly where they are going, so there is no need to put a turning signal on. Or they will not, absolutely not, refuse to go one mile an hour over the speed limit. I mentioned to Snake Charmer one night that I think I need to take some anger management classes. Snake Charmer turns and says, “You can’t change your heritage.” There it is! I wonder if all red heads blame their stubbornness and short temperedness on being Irish. I will probably be forever banned from Ireland or from calling myself Irish if any real, born and raised in the country Ireland peeps read this! I do believe I am being unjust to my countrymen/women! Sorry.

Are you stubborn too? Do you think fears are all in your head and you can overcome them? Have you been to Ireland?

W.P.I.- An idea for fixing courtyard container plants…fertilize regularly. Also, change plants out if they get leggy. The sun conditions are not right for them so switch to plants that are more conducive for the conditions.

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