Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whatcha Watching?

            Summer has left us without even a goodbye, and fall is in full swing. When this happened is beyond me. As a matter of fact my father texted me today to say it was snowing where they live. Brrr. So while nature’s seasons changed so did television programming. Gone are the shows that filled the slots of the big shots. The little shows are out, and the big ones are back in. Or are they?

            One show that I looked forward to coming back on was Castle. I love the twists and wit associated with that show. Or should I say I used to love it? I don’t know what happened but the first couple shows of the new season had me pulling my hair out. What a complete turnaround. It went from first to worst. (On my list at least!)

            How about The Good Wife? The first season I loved. Then it seemed like the plot was on a turntable going round and round. The same thing happening season after season. I can say the same thing about The Mentalist. Can you people please catch Red John already?

            Okay. Grey’s Anatomy. I know this is based on doctors in a hospital, but it has gotten gory. And it seems every show someone dies now. I want more romance! (Imagine that.J) I will say, however, that I’m glad that Meredith and McDreamy are still together, and they seem to be going strong. The only way I would like to see that relationship go awry is if they brought me onto the show to be McDreamy’s new love interest. (We can all dream, can’t we?)

            While I’m pointing out my views on some shows I would like to add one more, Revenge. *sigh* I want it to go places, but it seems to be stuck in a rut. The same thing show after show.

            Is it just me? Am I being too critical of our “entertainment” industry? I’m sorry. Maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. So let’s turn it around and look at what is new and upcoming.

            Grimm starts Friday night, and although the subject content is usually not one of my favorites I like the show a lot. Speaking of not normally one of my favorites I’ve been watching one about witches. The Witches of East End has captured me. I love that is has a split between funny and serious. Every Sunday I find myself looking forward to that show.

            Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon a Time, and Blacklist seem to be doing well. The Voice gets talked about a lot. Of course I haven’t even spoken of The Walking Dead, or Sons of Anarchy.

            I have many shows on my DVR to catch up on, including Modern Family and Elementary.

            It sounds like I watch a lot of television, doesn’t it? Eek. Might I add that throughout a lot of these shows I read too!

            What kind of television shows do you like to watch? Do you like comedies? Reality television? Educational shows? Modern day fairy-tales? Dramas? Which ones did I forget to mention? What shows are on your DVR?

Weekly Planting Information- Fall is a good time to clean up your garden. Here are some tips to help you with your landscape.
§  Remove all rotten fruit from the ground around trees—infestations last through winter.
§  Mulch to maintain soil quality, using weeds (but not those with seeds), cocoa hulls, grass clippings, leaves, and straw.
§  Plant cover crops after harvest to correct soil compaction.
§  Confuse pathogens by mapping out a garden plan for crop rotation.
§  Protect perennials from frost heaving by mulching after the ground freezes.
§  Protect ornamentals such as azaleas and berry bushes from bud-eating deer with deer netting.

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