Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sugar High

      So my page-views here have dropped to nearly non existence. It truly makes me wonder. But for now I will put the wondering aside and write what I want. Because I can. :) I mean, if no one is reading this anyways... *smirks*

      If you visit regularly you know a few months ago I started a new job. In the real world I'm a horticulturalist, so Springtime is a blur. People come out of hibernation and want to make their outdoor living spaces as pretty as possible. They need to get their vege's  in the ground, existing plants fertilized, or replace plants that may have

      What does that mean for us workers? It means at least five ten hour days a week. Ten hour days. Ten.

      That makes for some weary, brain fried people. It makes for weary, dead tired people. Day after day. One might wonder... How do we make it through?

      SUGAR. And lots of it. 

      If you know me you know I gave up most of my sugars. But when the boss brings in fresh, hot Krispy Kreme I cannot say no. None of us can. 

      This happened several times. Then I started putting two and two together. And I had my bosses pegged. They wanted their employees to get a sugar high to move faster and get more work done. Haha. 

      It seemed to have worked. We've made it through the long, hard, exhausting days. When donuts aren't available one of us visits a local coffee shop for their sugary treats. Then a cupcake store opened.... *hmph*

      Needless to say we move fast so the calories and sugars from these sweet treats don't stick to us. 

      But I worry about what will happen when we slow down. Will we keep eating the sweet morsels of bad for us goodness, or will we slide back into a normal eat-a-regular-snack? 

      Do you rely on sugar or caffeine to keep you going at work? How many hours do you work a day? How often do you visit this blog?

W.P.I.- Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a species of shrub and herb native to the rain forests of Paraguay. It is in the sunflower family (Asteraceae) and is related to lettuce and marigolds. Also known as sweet leaf and sugar leaf. Stevia is used as a dietary supplement and sugar substitute.

      Stevia is stable up to 400°F which makes it a viable alternative to sugar for baking. However, adjustments have to be made for the lack of moisture and bulk. 
For every cup of sugar that is replaced by Stevia there should be 1/3 cup of the liquid or other bulk added to the recipe. Some suggested additions are: applesauce, yogurt, fruit juice, fruit purée, egg whites or water. Any liquid that is used in the recipe will work fine.

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