Monday, June 30, 2014

To Be Read Pile

            I haven’t read a book in months, and this makes me very sad. Very sad. And a little on the grumpy side. You see, I need my escape. I need my mind to travel far and wide. Over the past couple few months it has only trekked twenty miles a day. That was back and forth to work. Now, finally, I will get to escape once again.

            Our hours at work are about to get cut. Now we will go back to a four day work week, instead of five and sometimes six. You can’t see me now, but I am doing a little happy dance. (And I look like a geek. But oh well. J) Those 50-60 hour work weeks were fine for the bank account, but not for my body, or the things I love to do, like read, write, or just enjoy time with the family. Now it is time for me to get back to making my final revisions, seeking out agents to send queries to. And the dreaded query.

            It is time for me to reacquaint myself to J.A. Redmerski’s The Edge of Always. I started that book two months ago. Two.Months.Ago. I’m embarrassed to admit that. What kind of writer am I if I’m not reading? I haven’t been. I’ve been the horticulturalist. Thankfully soon enough I will be able to go back to doing both.

            That is a good thing considering Bookbub emails me specials every day. If you've never been I suggest you give it a whirl here... For quite a while I was on a kick of buying at least two books a week. Now is the time I can catch up. Finally I will be able to read Robyn Carr’s Four Friends that B&N had on sale for half off this past weekend. Now I will be able to catch up on my friend Barbara Samuel/Lark O’Neill’s latest that I’ve been chomping on the bit to crack open. And after all of those I will dive into the latest from Jill Shalvis, Then Came You, coming out on July 1.

            Of course it will be well after July 1 that I get to that one. I mean, I’m still working four 10 hour days. And I’m a slow reader. With a TBR pile as big as mine I should be good to go for about a year!

            When your life is hectic, what do you miss, or not have time for? Have you ever heard of Bookbub? How big is your TBR pile? What are you reading at the moment?

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