Thursday, July 26, 2012

Countries Unite...It's Olympic Time!

  The year is 2012. Do you know what happens in an even numbered year? Think now…  That means only one thing. The Olympics are here! That’s right, this year the Summer Olympics will be held in London, England. Athletes from around the world will converge on London and bestow upon us their talents. I cannot wait to watch all these amazingly gifted athletes.

  There are many aspects that I like about the Olympics. I love how the world seems to come together and cheer on the representatives of their countries, and maybe even others. I love how the reporters will always find feel good stories to tell. Those stories of what the athletes had to overcome in their lives, or country, to get to where they are. I love the dedication that these men and women have. I also love how we get to know the host country so intimately.
  I will be the first to admit that I like the Winter Olympics better than summer. One word. Hockey. J But that doesn’t mean I cannot relate to the summer sports of the Olympics. I can relate to all of them. I used to participate in gymnastics when I was young. I had to run all the time for conditioning in other sports I took part in, like soccer, or field hockey. I almost drowned swimming one time, but I still like to watch diving and swimming.

  There are two sports that make me scratch my head though. They are badminton and table tennis. Now, I played both of them when I was younger. It seemed that when I played badminton more time was spent chasing and picking up the birdy thingy than actually playing. I loved table tennis though. Maybe if I would have realized that it was, and still would be, an Olympic sport, maybe I would have stuck with it!

  Needless to say the Olympics are upon us, and I am happy. For me it is a time of awe and admiration. Each and every one of those athletes is an inspiration, and deserves to be applauded no matter where they finish!

Do you like the Olympics? Do you care for the Winter or Summer games better? What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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