Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun With Words

  My friends and I try to choose a word of the week. It is usually a fun little word that we will use whenever we can in general conversation or texts. Some words stick with us longer than others. Some, although meant to be funny, end up being used in serious ways. I have a love affair with words and thought I might share some of them with you.

  I love to joke around. I was texting with a friend and picking on her. I couldn’t help it! She kept setting herself up for it. She finally came back with the words ZIP IT. I instantly loved it. Zip it became the words of the week. Every time I see those words I smile. To this day she still will fling them at me!

  Betwixt was another one we used recently. For some reason it came up in conversation, so we went with it. A friend used it in a text to me, saying, “Just betwixt us…” The words she told me after that were very personal, and heart wrenching. We have used the word sparingly since then, but I will always remember that text. It is still a good word though.

  This week the word aloof popped in my head. Such a strange word, isn’t it? Aloof. Just say it! I smiled just saying it. You try it! Come on! Aloof. J See? Did you find yourself smiling? How about in a sentence. It was hard for her not to feel aloof at work.

  How about befuddled? That is another great one. Do you know what befuddles me? The audience was befuddled while watching the magician.

  Discombobulate. I always seem to be discombobulated. It is my normal state!

  I love to lollygag. That’s another word that elevates my mood. They were just lollygagging around.   

  Finally, how about the word…doohickey? If that doesn’t make you laugh there may be something wrong. I love a word that can be used when you forget the name of something. ***pointing to refrigerator*** Buck says, “Get me a beer out of that doohickey!” Okay, that may be extreme, but did you laugh? Could you imagine Buck with a beer belly and no shirt? Maybe missing a couple of teeth?  His voice all gruff. Okay maybe that only played like that in my own mind. Sorry! "Get me that thingy out of the doohickamabob, please!" Now I did totally make that up. And I like it! You?

  Well, this was a fun one, but what kind of pictures am I going to get now? I may be left in a state of befuddlement! J

Are there certain words that just make you smile? What are they? Come on, spill! Do you and your friends make little games out of fun words?

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