Monday, July 23, 2012

The Winds Of Change

  The winds are blowing, the winds are blowing! No I am not talking about the weather again either! These winds are the winds of change. They have swept in, gathered me up, and put me in motion. Normally I do not like change, but these are good changes, and I am super excited. Well, mostly…

  Okay, so maybe I am biting my nails a little. See, I am not usually into change at all. I normally go by the thinking of why change? Change sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If I find a certain food I like at a restaurant, why would I order something else? I have found that when I try something else I usually do not care for it as much as what I regularly eat. Then I get disappointed. That is how my luck usually goes when it comes to change.

  Sometimes you have no other option but to change. Sometimes a job may require a transfer. Sometimes restaurants close or they change the menu. Sometimes your favorite author doesn’t have a new book coming out for another four months, so you are forced to try someone different. I think you get my meaning. Sometimes change is inevitable.

  If you follow me regularly you know that I plan to move to Savannah in the near future. We have made some improvements to the house, and are just about to the ‘get a realtor’ phase. I am super excited about it. This will be a very, very good change, and one I cannot wait for.

  These past couple of months I have realized that one aspect of my life needed a change desperately. For many reasons I have slowly lost passion for something that I truly love. I was finding myself getting the life sucked out of me on a near daily basis. My energy level dropped dramatically. My enthusiasm about disappeared. I don’t like that Kelly. That Kelly found herself just going through the motions. That Kelly realized that the daily grind almost became a mental anguish. I am stronger than what I had become. I realized that I deserve to be treated better than a piece of gum stuck to a shoe. A change has been made in this department. This change is a little scary, but it will all work out alright. I am sure of it.

  So, the changes listed above are both good and scary. One thing for certain is that I will adjust. We all do, whether we like change or not. Change keeps us on our toes, and keeps us in the present. It’s just a fact of life when we live in an ever changing world!

  Do you like change? What are some things you refuse to change?  What is the biggest change you have made lately? Did you do it on your own, or was it a forced change?     


  1. Change, hummm...I can say I have come to actually embrace change. It keeps me on my toes! I just will never change my beliefs and moral values. Everything else is open game!

  2. Good for you, Read On! I obviously don't care for change too much, but I know it is a necessary thing. Good comment about not changing your beliefs and moral values! Its important we always keep our beliefs!