Monday, January 14, 2013

Cliché This

  At one time I wrote about some words that make me smile or giggle, such as lollygagging, or doohickey. There are plenty of them out there, but of course as soon as I sit down to write this they all up and disappear from my brain. That’s okay, because I’m not writing about certain words. I’m writing about certain phrases.

  The Charmed One has a knack for spouting out whacky phrases every now and then. Of course they stick in my brain for infinite periods of time. When the right time approaches for me to use them… I got nothing. So between the Charmed One and a couple of friends of mine I have stockpiled some. Let’s see if you get a little kick out of them like I do.

  One of my all time favorites is, “There’s an ass for every seat.” I had never thought about it until I heard it, now I see so many examples of where it works, and works well. Just today I saw an advertisement for a product called a ‘Toilet Tattoo.’ This is a product that looks like a decal that sticks to the top of your toilet seat. After researching it for two seconds they make all different ones for all different occasions! I just realized now how I put this under the ass for every seat cliché and the product actually involves ass seats! J

  “Don’t get in the weeds,” meaning stay on the topic. When you stray away from the topic you end up in the weeds. Personally, I hate weeds. They’re annoying, and pop up in all the wrong places.

  I was on the phone with one of my friends the other day when she started yelling, “Run for fun, run for fun!” I found myself with my brows lowered scratching my head. Now, my friend is a physical education teacher so that explains a lot right there. What I can’t explain is the fact that she was yelling this phrase to her little tiny Chihuahua…

  And for one final one, “I’ll beat you like a red-headed step child.” I can tell you that as a red head I actually didn’t hear that one until I was almost twenty years old. This is odd because I thought that I’d heard every red-headed saying there was. For the record I wasn’t beaten. Much! J  

  What is your favorite saying or cliché? Do you use them often, or know someone who does? Do you know of any red heads that were beaten? Do you know of any red heads whose parents had red hair? 

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