Monday, January 28, 2013

Mind Numbing American Television

  Have you ever run into something that instantly made you think, “Really?” Maybe something that made you say, “Oh my goodness that just made my IQ drop five points.” Trust me when I tell you I am not any more intellectually superior than a chicken, but sometimes I have to shake my head. I have encountered many mind numbing experiences like that recently. I like to call it the Dumbing Of America, because I believe that’s all it is doing.

  For example: The words Honey Boo Boo instantly makes me reach to pull my hair out. 
Along the same lines is Dance Moms. Really? Would I take my child to learn dance from a woman who waddles and yells? NO. And for that to become a television show is ridiculous. For people to tune in is even more ridiculous.

  How about shows like Swamp People, or Swamp Pawn? Why would I want to watch a show that I can’t understand one word the people say? One, two, three. See, I just lost three more points just by typing the words. I know it is a way of life for those people. It’s just not my way of life. Honestly my brain does become numb knowing that someone okay’s these shows, and even more numb that people watch. Have we become that society? The society that accepts everything that is put in front of them without question. The society that doesn't' lead but follow?  

  Let me not even begin with Jersey Shore or the dreaded K word, the Kardashians. Heaven forbid any entertainment show not waste five minutes on a story of Kim, Khloe, or whoever the others are. Who are these people, and WHY do I have to put up with their nonsense? Why do I care who they become pregnant by, or who they have married and divorced? If you are already established as a star that is fine, but not when someone comes along and says lets tape your family because… well I don’t know why one would say that. Need I even mention any Housewives of any sort? How about Gypsy Sisters? Agh. Is it ever ending? Please, please stop the insanity!

  I saw a commercial the other day that made sending a get well card to the Aflac duck sound acceptable. What? What is wrong with people? Do people actually do this? Please say no. Please say no!  

  Since I seem to be on a role when did it become acceptable for society to combine names to explain a couple, like Brangelina, or Kimye? STOP IT NOW!

  Again, I am not better than anyone. I just have had enough. In my pea brain I believe there is some evil-doer that is in charge of what is allowed on television. That's why we see a huge influx of shows that do nothing to raise our IQ’s, just make us scratch our heads. We sit in front of the television, our minds numbing, while others are laughing, and plotting their next strategy. Meanwhile we accept the lowering IQ’s and sub-par excuses of entertainment in America. This is another reason why I read. A LOT!

  Do you have the same experiences that I do when hearing some of these words? Can you see the IQ levels of everyone going down due to the lack of good television programming? Did I miss any? How did this become acceptable? What are you currently reading? Will you please forgive me for my criticisms of this rant? J

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