Monday, January 7, 2013

Here's Your Sign

  The New Year has begun. Are you back to a normal schedule? Are you experiencing a holiday hangover? Honestly, I didn't really get into the Christmas spirit until we put the tree up. The other day we took it down and that is when that hungover feeling hit. Day by day that feeling seems to lessen. The normal day to day is creeping back in. With that being said I  am in the final stages of finishing book two. The end is in sight and it's kinda sad! I like these characters, and will hate to say goodbye. I am on a roll right now. The words are flowing like the movie that is playing inside my head. So, for this blog I will let the pictures do most of the talking. For once I'll let the pictures make you scratch your head instead of my words!

  It has been a while since I brought you wacky signs. In my searches I have found numerous ones that either made me smile or made my brow crinkle. For example:

  Then there is this...

  And this... This could be a sign found here in North Carolina. I swear the bugs are on steroids here.

  Of course it wouldn't be a cool sign blog without this one...

Check out those spurs!

    Then I found this one. Which I cannot explain at all.

  And then I thought I was done but this one popped out at me...

  And finally this one made me burst out laughing. I hope this doesn't happen a lot.

  Eek! I would hate it if a cow fell off a cliff. Much less it fell off of a cliff onto a car. How horrible!

  I hope you enjoyed these crazy signs. They are always one of my favorites to put together.

  Have you experienced any of these signs in real life? Does your state have bugs as big as that above? Do the police officers in your part of the world wear spurs?


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