Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Pain In The... Back

            Growing up I was surrounded by boys. THAT got your attention didn’t it? I had three older brothers, and almost all my neighbors were boys. We grew up in a rural part of NY where houses weren't inches, but nearly miles apart. This girl’s body was put through the ringer trying to keep up with the boys, and their sports.

            During the summer we would go to my cousin’s pond and swim. We would play outside for a while, get all hot, and run and jump into the pond for a refreshing cool down. One day, when I was thirteen we were chasing each other around the pond and jumping in. There were quite a few people there. I remember running really fast and diving head first into that pond. When my hands and head met the cool water my legs didn’t get the message to keep straight. Instead, with the impact of the water, my legs flopped up toward my head. Immediately I felt something go wrong in my back. Somehow (with help from friends) I made my way across the small pond and got out. I remember just laying there for a long time while everyone else swam and laughed. Age thirteen was the first time I saw a chiropractor.

            Years passed, and I continued to beat my body by playing sports relentlessly. I had a two year break when I completely blew out my knee and had to have two major knee surgeries. Even though neither surgery took I continued to play. (For the record, I never claimed that I was very smart!)

            For the most part the back pain was minimal, nothing a trip to the chiropractor every once in a while couldn’t fix. Sadly finding a good chiropractor is sometimes hard to do. After I moved to NC I saw one that was horrible. I quit seeing him immediately, but never sought another one out. One day something happened and I could hardly move. My back gave out in a big way. The pain was unbearable. Getting from the bed to the bathroom rendered me ill in a way I’ve never felt before. It took two strong guys to get me from the house to the car. We didn’t know if it was a chiropractor fix or a hospital fix. My brother’s chiropractor assured me when he examined me if he thought I needed a hospital he would send me. He took x-rays and did some other tests on me. That visit ten years ago was the first time I heard the words disc degeneration.

            Yes, I have some major issues going on back there. Ha! I did that on purpose. After a week straight of chiropractic work I could finally walk again. I’ll never forget that pain and don’t ever want to experience it again. To minimize the chances of that happening again I go routinely to the chiropractor. Most times that is once a month.

            Shortly after I got straightened back out I moved an hour away from his office. I had a physically demanding job where I lifted plants all day, every day. I didn’t see the chiropractor as much as I should’ve.

            You see, I have trust issues. And I procrastinate. And sometimes I’m just… stupid. I made the hour drive a few times after I moved because I was scared to try another chiropractor. Finally the pain became too much again. I knew I needed help. A friend recommended me to her chiropractor, and said she was excellent. I hymned and hawed for a while longer and finally made the appointment. I loved the new chiropractor. She was compassionate, professional, holistic, and current with current practices. I fell into another routine with her, and my back was happy because of it.

            When she reviewed my x-rays from the last back fixer she couldn’t believe her eyes. (This happens a lot.) She couldn’t believe my back was as bad as it was. After seeing her for two years she ended up leaving her practice. A young man took over for her, and although he didn’t have her tender touch I still continued to see him, even after another move, which was another hour away. When he first looked at my x-rays he asked if I had fallen off a horse. (Does that make you wonder how bad this situation is?)

            In early August I zoned out (I was plotting in my head and not paying attention to what I was doing) while picking up a heavy box. I felt something wrong in my back immediately. This problem manifested in my shoulders and neck as well. After visiting my regular practitioner seven times in four weeks I decided I needed to look for another.

            One chiropractic office here in Podunk had a website so I tried them out. They never took x-rays, and the chiropractor smelled of cigarettes. Apparently quality medical care is limited up here. I will continue to search for a respectable professional. With all of the work I have had done to me over the years I know x-rays are the first step. My skin does this creepy crawly thing when I go into that office.

            So there you have it. At this rate I’ll find a good practitioner and end up moving again!

            Do you suffer from back pain? Do you see a chiropractor? Do you have nightmares from doctor’s visits? Have you ever run into a questionable doctor/practitioner?

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