Monday, September 23, 2013

Dog Rescue Turns to Shame

    Those of you that follow me know that I have two dogs. I've pictured them in a few blogs, I even wrote one featuring them. Yes, they are my pride and joy. MOST OF THE TIME.

    Even though I love them with all my heart, there are times when one, or both, get under my skin. One, who shall remain nameless, has decided that waking me up in the middle of the night is a fun thing to do. You see, she thinks she gets a treat when she comes in in the morning and night. It will sink in sooner or later with her. She'll learn that when Momma is mad no one gets treats. She even tries to pull the other one into her antics, but the other one learned that lesson a long time ago.

    A while back a blog I visit told about this cute little website. I visited and spent an hour looking through all the different pictures. They made me laugh, and I admired people's creativity. I also thanked my lucky stars that my dogs never gave me a reason to do something so... humorous. UNTIL NOW.

    Without further ado my attempt at dog shaming...

    Thankfully it doesn't happen often. But it still happens, and she did it the other day. I think she get's insecure and thinks we are never coming back. Either way I got a chance to play around a little. Did I take away from the shaming a little by her being on the couch?

    If you enjoyed this feel free to visit the original website- . I can just about guarantee that at least one will make you laugh. I also have to thank The Goddess Blogs for introducing me to this website. It never fails to put a smile on my face.

Do you have pets? Do they ever make you want to do something like this? Have you heard of dog shaming before now? What would you say to shame your dog? 

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