Monday, September 2, 2013

No Laboring Today!

  When I started this blogging thing I thought I was going to have a blog for every holiday, or special day, even if it wasn’t a normal blogging day for me. Somehow I forgot a couple of them along the way, so I apologize. Hence today I am hopping back on the holiday wagon. Sssoooooo… Happy Labor Day everyone!

  I know this is an American holiday, but I tend to wonder why. There are laborers in other countries. Do other countries have a similar holiday? Or are we the only ones that “honor” the laborers? This brings up yet another question. Why don’t all laborers have the day off? If we have a specific day that honors hard working people isn’t it crazy that ALL businesses don’t shut their doors? Just askin!  (I know the answer; I just think it’s crazy!)

  So, without further ado… Thank you laborers! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Whatever it is you do hopefully today is the day that you can sleep in. Maybe you can go to a parade that honors you, or just simply enjoy time with your family. Whatever you choose to do with your day, take pleasure in it. Know that today is YOUR day. Run around with your hands in the air skipping, jumping, and yelling, “Woo hoo, this holiday is to honor ME!” Today it is…all about you! Take pride in it.

Now, you know I would have to include something like this!

  Please, go forth and enjoy the day!

  What is your job? Are you a lucky one that has the day off? If you view this from another country do you have a similar holiday? Do you view it as a holiday, or just an end to summer?

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