Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pampering... Er... Therapy

            A pinching feeling tightens down in the shoulder and runs down the arm. Major muscles along the spine and shoulder blade are in knots. Those are my symptoms over the past month. I've talked about it some, but I don’t want to seem wimpish. Just so you know my chiropractor said I have a very high tolerance to pain. Some of the therapy he did to me had him squirming and squinting.

            At first I just wanted some relief. After eight visits to the chiro in three weeks he told me I had the most stubborn back he’s ever seen. He suggested a massage. Okay, I can handle that. He asked if I had dealt with a death recently. No. He asked if I was stressed. No, or at least I don’t feel stressed. He suggested a trip to Savannah. (He knows of my love for that city.)

            Last week after an intense therapy session that left me bruised he told me he didn’t want to see me for a while. Our breakup session was a joyous and sad one. He stated my muscles needed a break, and suggested I see my regular doctor for her input. But after the intense bruising therapy I actually felt some relief. Two days later I was heading to the spa for pampering… er… therapy!

            My bestie and I had booked a spa day a few weeks before. The day finally came, and I will just say I love Rock Barn Spa! We got manicures and pedicures. Then we each received a massage. Ahhh. Afterwards we had a little time before we were served lunch so we put on our bathing suits and hit the hot tub. I sat in front of a jet and let the powerful water pulse on the muscles all around my shoulder. It was wonderful. After lunch we got into the salt water pool and lounged, hit the hot tub once more, then went into the waterfall pool. The feeling of the pounding water falling on my body was heavenly. I felt it working my muscles in ways that the chiropractor or the massage therapist couldn’t. We stayed for quite a while longer just lounging in the pools and hot tubs. After we were done my shoulder felt wrecked. I worried I overdid it. I had a nice talk with the ice pack when I got home.
Hard to tell, but the waterfall pool is behind this big one.

            I will say that the next day I finally had some relief. Between the bruising therapy and the relaxing spa day my muscles finally loosened some. I’m not totally cured. I still feel the pinching in my shoulder, but it has lessened.

            I actually was just going to talk about the spa during this rant. I guess I didn’t follow my original thought pattern. That’s because as of earlier today (Wednesday,) I learned that I will be visiting my favorite city tomorrow! The good chiro suggested Savannah, well, Savannah it will be! I will try anything to get this shoulder and back feeling better!

            It also helps that the Charmed One has business there! *wink*
Here's a pic of the waterfall pool. 

            What do you do to pamper yourself? How often do you do things just for you? Do you like getting massages?

W.P.I. - Many massage therapists will add one or more essential oils to their regular oil. Essential oils can help many different conditions from muscle pain, to acne, to dry skin. When I am lucky enough to get a massage I like lavender, peppermint, balsam fir, and lemon added to mine, although only one or two would suffice. When I grow lavender and peppermint at home and I smell their scent I long for another massage!

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