Thursday, November 21, 2013

I May Never

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I May Never

    Be a rock star
      But that doesn't stop me from pretending to be one when no one is looking.

    Be one to have their future mapped out perfectly
      But I enjoyed where I've been and look forward to what's ahead.

    Get to 53 followers on the KRW facebook page:
      But I love the 52 that do follow.

    Give my parents that wedding they planned for their little girl
      But I am extremely happy with that aspect of my life.

    Have the grace and beauty of a ballet dancer
      But I tried for a while when my mother enrolled me in ballet. That didn't last long. 

    Read three books in a week
      But I enjoy one or two. I'm a very slow reader.

    Win the Aunt of the Year award
      But that doesn't mean I don't love my nieces and nephew fiercely.

    Be able to do people impersonations
      But I can do some pretty good bird calls.

    Have the right words at the right moment
      But that doesn't mean I don't have the words.

    Be a NY Times best seller
      But I'm going to try like crazy.

    Travel to far ends of the earth
      But I am fortunate enough to have traveled quite a lot.

    What about you? What might you never...? Will you visit The Goddess Blogs Sunday?

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