Monday, November 11, 2013

Salvaging the Script

            Revisions for Book 2 are slow going. I have a love/hate going on with my editor. Sometimes I think she’s nit-picking. Other times I know she’s trying to push me to be more explicit or to change something. I know she’s coaching me, and I know I’ll be better for it, but I have to change myself to do this. One thing is I have to get over myself and my belief that everything I wrote was good, and nothing needed to be changed. So I’m sucking it up and moving forward. J

            As I move forward I concentrate on one comment she made in the middle of the book. She suggested maybe I change the main character’s occupation, and made a suggestion. As soon as I read it that imaginary light bulb went on over my head. Originally I wanted the heroine, Autumn, to run a bookstore. That thought didn’t go with what I wanted to portray though. I needed her to be doing something else. And through my editor’s comment I have figured it out.

            Without giving too much away I wanted it to look like Autumn took over a business of her husband’s. A bookstore is a wonderful idea, but I want something a little more… alpha. I needed it to be something she wouldn’t be so comfortable doing. That way, in the end, she could get herself back on track with her occupation of choice, not one that was somewhat forced on her.

            Now I’ll start the research. I’m diving into a world I know very little about, but I’d love to know more of. I’m researching a world of salvage, restoration, and repurposing. There is a television show on the DIY network called Salvage Dawgs. I absolutely love the show and cannot believe some of the pieces they create with items they salvage. People are crafty, that’s all I can say. Really, can you picture making a couch out of a bathtub? (See following pic.) I can’t. How about a wine rack/bar out of a piano? This research is fun.
From Salvage Dawgs/Black Dog Salvage.

            My editor’s comment was maybe making the business more of a furniture restoration shop. I’m just taking it one step further. I originally didn’t think the occupations were a big part of the book, but now that I am diving into research and changing parts I realize it was a bigger component than I thought. It plays more into my original thought process, and I am happier with this path.

            Now… I need a name for the business.

Have you ever watched Salvage Dawgs? Are you crafty or creative with old furniture? Could you help me out if I had questions about what to create out of an old clock? What would you name a salvage/repurpose/restoration business?

(I’m seriously open to all suggestions!)

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