Thursday, November 7, 2013

Walking and Plotting

            Amazing things happen when you go for a walk.

            This is something I have learned recently while staying in a city that is very walk-able.  Each morning I got up and took the dogs for their jaunt. The crisp air hit my lungs and seemed to awaken me quicker than coffee. My blood circulated, invigorating me.  I could feel my mind spinning plots. The dogs seemed to even have more pep in their step. No matter what time I took them out there always seemed to be someone else out with their four legged friends.

            I’ve featured my dogs on here a couple of times. They are two spoiled rotten Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I originally saw the breed on the television show Sex and the City. After that I had to have one. Then one wasn’t enough and we got another. J One thing I realized in the city was that there were quite a few Cavaliers. And once one owner saw another conversations quickly started. I met Cavalier’s named Bea, Taylor, Sera, Sophie, and Dempsey. Each one’s cuteness brought a smile to my face.

            I mentioned earlier that when I walked my mind spun. While in Savannah I had the opportunity to work on my revisions for Book 2. There are times though when my mind gets stuck. Those times I would get up, leash the dogs, and head out.

            Once I ended up in Forsyth Park. I sat on a bench by the fountain and took in the scenery. My mind chugged along with thoughts about something I am changing in my book. Suddenly I realized there was a couple getting married right in front of the fountain. It was the couple, a photographer, and someone performing the nuptials (possible justice of peace?). I smiled to myself and thought how cool it was.

            After the newlyweds were on their way I got up and headed to the other end of the park. I stopped and let one of the dogs sniff around. There was an older man on a bike heading for us. But he stopped behind me. I slowly turned and looked at him. He smiled and said, “Now that dog is cute. But that one is even cuter.”

            That started a conversation between us that lasted at least fifteen minutes and him giving me a lead on a story waiting to be written. A story about a local Savannah boy who grew up, moved to England, and ended up marrying Royalty. None of his friends really kept in touch after the lad moved to England. To make a longer story short he also told me of someone pretty well known (business man) who, if I wrote the story, would most likely put it on film. It seems this business man is a film maker also. He said, “Could you find someone to fund you to go to England and research?” A grin crossed my face. Heck no I don’t have anyone to fund me, but the thought alone made me smile! As we departed each other he asked my name and laughed when I told him Kelly. “I should’ve known with that red hair!” His name was Egan. Hmmm. I think we had a meeting of Irish minds there.

Sera and Sophie with Alexis and Savannah.
            That meeting led to another with a kind woman who had two Cavaliers. Those cuties were named Sera and Sophie. We ended up walking through the park together talking the whole time. When asked what I write I smiled and told her Romance. She looked at me and laughed. “I love it! And I love how your cheeks just turned bright red!” She promised me that she would give me a totally honest critique if I wanted, at any time. 

            My “little” plotting session walk in the park took over an hour. But I met two people who made me laugh, and who, if we were to spend more time together, I would call friends.

            Yes, I love that Savannah could be considered the City of Cavaliers. I also love that those people were so friendly and accepting.

Do you go for walks? How do you clear your head? Do you have pets?

W.P.I. - Don't waste those fallen leaves. My single biggest job this time of year is rounding up all of my and my neighbor's leaves. As they say, one man's trash is another's treasure. My neighbors are glad to let me take their leaves off their hands. They break down rather quickly and are a very good way to add organic amendments to my beds. They also pull double-duty, serving as that important layer of mulch over the winter.


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