Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Am...

  Although some consider all of February to be a celebration of romance, I stop my celebrating on February fifteenth. Why?  Don't get me wrong I am a hopeless romantic, but I am also something else. Irish! We all know what holiday is next, right?

  My name is Kelly. I have red hair and blue eyes. I care for a spot o tea every day, and at times I really fancy me a Guinness! Although my family says there is more to me than Irish I tend to doubt them ;) They  do not know how badly I yearn to visit my homeland. It is a burning inside of me. I picture myself walking the Irish countryside after a nice rain. I picture myself on the Cliffs of Moher, taking in the majestic beauty of the landscape. I picture myself in a tiny Irish pub, having that aforementioned Guinness, and talking with the locals. I picture pretty colored houses, and sheep dotting the hillsides. I picture musicians young and old singing fabled Irish tales. I picture stone circles in the middle of a pasture. Ah yes, I am Irish!

  One thing I will tell you about me is that I am very stubborn. Once I have my mind set on something I usually will not stop until I get it. Right now my mind is on two things... writing, and Ireland! Outside of my family and friends these are my two loves. 

  I recently finished writing my first novel, and now I am going through the motions with that, opening myself up to a whole new world. I since have been working on a short story for competition, and have another novel started. It may never be in the cards that I get published, but I cannot, and will not give up. That's the Irish in me again. *G*. Hey, you never know maybe one day I will be writing a novel in Ireland! 

  Until then I will continue to tell my family that, "I am 100% Irish, I don't know what the rest of you are!" And I will continue writing and working towards my dreams. Hopefully somewhere along the way I may run into one of these...

So folks, that is it. I am Irish. I am a writer. 

I am also wondering...
What are you? What interests you? What are your dreams?

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