Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine Gift to You (For the Girls!)

All of the hoopla of the big day today got me wondering. Did you get what you wanted for Valentine's Day? Do you have that special love that can't be denied? Do you have this?

This is the love that we all search for, right? This is the love  that no one or thing can pry apart. This is the love that will last an eternity. 

I'm sure that is what all girls dream of. I can safely presume that we all want a happily ever after with our own thought of who Mr. Right is, right? 

Well, what if there's some who can't have that? What if there are some who don't have it at this minute? On this romantic day, that saddens me...So I thought maybe I could help ease the pain a little bit. If only for a couple of minutes!  

So.....Happy Valentine's Day


Did it help?


  1. Oh yes, it definitely helped, specially the first one!!! Thank you!