Monday, February 20, 2012

We Created a Monster!

  No, I don't mean a created in the basement type of monster. I really don't mean a genetically mutated form of human either. This is not the next Frankenstein. I don't have the science genes in me to accomplish that! I am talking about being a part of a bigger experiment gone awry. (I am writing this in the most loving sense, of course!) I am talking of turning my perfectly beautiful, sensible, talkative mother into a texting junkie.

    I live about six hundred and fifty miles from my mother and family. Her and I are very close, and we talked almost every night of the week. Notice how the word talked is past tense? Yea, that is because it was before she got a cell phone. It was before she learned how to text. Slowly but steadily her world, and the rest of the family's, conformed to mom learning the new rave, texting. In that time she eased all of us into what became her new form of communication.

  You see, I am not a spring chicken. My mom is in her sixties (no that is not her!). I think we were all impressed with her abilities to figure out what LOL, and ROFL meant. Recently I had a conversation with my twenty something niece and she told me my mom, her grandmother, gave her a whatever text. She told a co worker, "My grandmother just texted  me whatever!" The co worker then questioned, "You're grandmother texts?" This next example might give you a better indication. I got a new cell phone in October. Since then my mother has sent me 2,248 texts. My closest friends and I have texted 543 and 536 times. 
  Yes the texts have increased as the phone calls are diminishing. There are times when this is totally unacceptable, but I seem to play along instead of picking up the phone myself. Last night she was having a problem with her Nook e-reader. Instead of calling she texted me with the problem she was having. I went along and texted her instructions on how to fix it. This alone involved 23 texts back and forth, when a simple phone call probably would have fixed it in a matter of seconds. I think she's pulling me into her texting dysfunction!

  I love my mother and hope you all got a laugh out of this. I did not mean it any other way. This is just another example of my family dysfunction! Oh yeah, I will tell her about this blog after it is published! Then, hopefully, I won't have to grovel for forgiveness...but if I do I'm prepared!

Does your mom and dad text? Do you text your kids, or grandchildren? If so, do you do it as much as my mom?     


  1. I txt more than I talk. We NEVER use up our minutes. I do not txt as much as the grands do - but when any of them have a computer question they come to me! GO FIGURE! I love the W-E - what I remember are the HOURS I spent in your Mom's kitchen talking and solving the problems of the world!!! Well whatever problems there were in Delevan in the 70's. You must send me her phone # so I can txt her Hellooooooooo! PS I thought the pic was her! I sure do miss her

  2. Hey Shirley!
    I actually think it is great that both my mom and dad have both taken to the twenty-first century! Dad got a cell later than anyone else and he is great with it. But mom and I, yeah, it is sometimes crazy. I do play into it though. I could call her and at times I don't. No that is not her, haha. She would've really been mad at me then!

  3. I so wish my Mom would text, or even use her cell phone. You and L talk to your Moms more than I do, and mine is NEXT DOOR! The monster in my family is my Dad discovering the internet, and hoarding the phone line (amongst many, many things)!

  4. Hahaha Robin! If my mother was right next door I am sure I would not talk or text with her as much as I do now. I don't know, I think it's different if you can reach out and touch instead of reach out and text! I could be wrong though. Now hoarding could be a whole different blog topic completely! That would be my dad...ssshhhhh! I better stop before they disown me:)