Thursday, February 9, 2012

Okay, I give up!

I am celebrating today. Why? I have added another item to my 'Give it up' list. Now I have to admit that most things in my life I want there, so my list is not too long. The items that I have succeeded at giving up are pretty big. In fact HUGE (at least I think!).

Item #1: Sugar
Or at least most of it. Believe me when I tell you I used to be the queen of sugar. For fun in high school I used to open up sugar packs and down them like one would a shot of whiskey. Anything with many sugars Kelly needed many of. Chocolate? Yum. I love chocolate. Soft drinks? Yep, I loved them too. Two or more spoonfuls of sugar in coffee made it all the better. I most likely took in fifty to sixty grams of sugar on a bad day, near one hundred on a good day. I guess you get the picture as to how much sugar played a role in my diet. Not.Any.More. Two years ago I decided to give up almost all sugars. I gave up chocolate, cookies, candy and soft drinks:( I have narrowed my sugar consumption down to between ten to twenty grams per day, which is probably what a normal person ingests. 

Item #2: Cigarettes
I don't know why I even started. I was athletic. I used to get all over my grandmother's case for smoking. I hated how the house smelled after she visited. I hated how my clothes smelled when I got home from Bingo with her. Yet I was just dumb enough one day to say, "Huh, let me try one." Not my finest idea ever. That came years later when I said, "Let's quit smoking." This coming July 4th will mark two years since I gave up smoking. Yay for me and everyone else who has given it up.

Pretty good so far, huh? Well, why not one more....A huge one.

Item added today: Walmart 
I have had it with you Walmart. I got pulled into your world years ago when you had items that were actually made in the USA. I got pulled in by the lower prices. I felt myself getting sucked into the one stop shopping world. Do you know what? I am pulling myself out, starting today. I have had enough. There are numerous examples that I could give as to why, but I think you all probably have an instance when Walmart wronged you. I hope no one takes offense to me giving it up, or for shopping there in the first place;) I may sometimes have to pay more, and do more creative shopping, but it will be worth it. My blood pressure will thank me!

By the way, what have you given up? Was it easier than you thought, or did you give back in? Come on. I won't judge!

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