Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Gets Flushed Away

  So, this story is kind of typical Kelly. It is another “Day in the Life” episode. Well, sort of! So, if you’re new to this place I’ll cut it short. I hope to sell the house I live in now and move about four and a half hours south east to Savannah, Georgia. For me this can’t happen soon enough, especially after the snake incident. Unfortunately I keep hearing words like “equity.” *blech*

  One area that definitely needed work was the kitchen. The house is not old, but the kitchen needed some major updates. Finally the time has come to put some money into remodeling projects. Okay (I rub hands together in excitement), bring it on! Let’s get some granite countertops and a new floor. A smile comes to my face. Then it happens. The episode starts. The kitchen remodel happened in bathroom number two. EEK.

  We were going to start with the kitchen floor.  A good friend recommended his friend to do it. He came and we concurred with the flooring option. Unfortunately he didn’t do that kind of flooring. Hmmm. So we showed him the small bathroom. What was going to be a simple paint job turned into a whole renovation!

  The people that lived here before us had children. The bathroom reflected that as it had a lovely fish border and blue walls. The linoleum flooring matched the kitchen. Well, here…I’ll let the pictures show you.


  So that was before. Here’s the after. It is hard to tell the color of the wall. I believe it was called Sea Mist or something very close to that. I tend to wonder who comes up with paint names. They make it sound so enticing, don’t they? The floor is now tile, with a new sink top, and new lighting and fixtures. Oh yeah, a new commode also!

Yea, I’m excited about it. I’m even more excited to learn the granite counter tops go in early next month! Yay. My kitchen turned bathroom remodel is now coming back to kitchen. I’m sure I’ll post pics of that too. If you want. Hopefully after that I can show you all the For Sale signs! This move cannot happen fast enough. I cannot take much more here in Podunk, or another snake looking at me through the window. J

How about you? Have you done any remodeling lately? Was it a remodel reward or nightmare? Have you tried to sell a house in this market? 

W.P.I.- Plant shrubs and perennials that will bloom at different times of the year. Add annuals to give great seasonal color. Your garden will then have year round appeal! 

Have a happy, and safe, Memorial Day weekend. Thank you ALWAYS to our service men/women. You are the best!

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