Thursday, May 17, 2012

Peaks, Valleys, Mother Nature

  A few weeks ago I noticed a North American Robin building a nest just outside of my kitchen window. I love birds so I thought of this up close and personal view as a great learning experience. Every time I entered the kitchen I would slowly tip toe over to the sink and peek out at the goings on in the Robin’s world. Let me just say that I have received an education.

  I learned it took about two days for the nest to be built. I was thoroughly amazed at the diligence and repetitiveness it took for that nest to come together. I cannot say exactly how long after it was built that she laid the eggs. The first week they weren’t on the nest that often. After that they were on it regularly. My guess is it wasn’t more than two weeks before the babies were born. Before I knew it they were feeding the babies. Every once in a while I would see some yellow beaks, wide open, waiting for something to magically be dropped into it. All in all there were four of them. Mommy and daddy would take turns bringing food to their hungry babies day in and day out.

  A smile came to my face when I watched the babies. Their heads went from nearly bald to fuzzy in a matter of days. They would stretch as far as they could when a parent landed on the side of the nest. All competed for the coveted meal. I watched day in and day out, in awe of Mother Nature. And then it happened.

  Yesterday I didn’t see the adults flying in and out like they had been. After dinner I stared out the window looking for any signs of life from the nest. Nothing. I knew it was too early for them to leave. I’ve seen them so big where they spilled out of the nest before they ventured out to a life on their own. I got a ladder, climbed up, and found no babies in the nest. Mother Nature sucks sometimes. I don’t know what happened. I could guess, but it wouldn’t do any good. I am still sad about the whole ordeal. I thought the nest was in a pretty safe place. But obviously I don’t know much.

  So I had to look up happy pictures today. Pictures that restore my faith in the animal kingdom... 

Pictures that make me feel happy again...

Pictures that make me forget about the food chain, and forget about what a beyotch Mother Nature can sometimes be...

There. That made me feel better. What about you?

Have you ever observed nature at its finest? Have you ever had the displeasure of nature at its worst? Do you take it to heart, or just pass it off as a fact of life?

W.P.I.- To control weeds in the garden use mulch. If those pesky weeds still get through spray with vinegar. Repeat as needed.

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