Monday, May 28, 2012

Tell Me About Yourself

  Snake Charmer and I have a side business selling merchandise. We sell some on eBay, and some at a local flea market. It started out with NASCAR apparel and accessories, but now involves other items such as die cast cars and trucks along with sports jerseys. I am always amazed at items that people collect. As for myself…right now I am into collecting autographed books. I am developing a nice pile of them. This week I will add one more that I am excited about. I am going to a Susan Mallery book signing. Susan is another contemporary romance and women’s fiction author whom I adore! (I have a few!)

  Dealing with collectors of varying degrees has me wondering many things about you all. So here goes! Full participation would be appreciated class! I am going to ask some questions in hopes that you will answer. It may involve coming out of your shells a little, so please…try it! Believe it or not I am very shy in real life so I understand your hesitancy. Please though, let me know that someone is out there reading this! Oh, and don't worry, you won't be graded! 

1.       What town and state/country are you from? Is that where you reside now?
2.      What do you do for a living? Ex.-lawyer, teacher, stay at home mom, etc.
3.      What do you do for relaxation?
4.      Do you read? If so, what genre calls your name? Who are some authors you like? What are you reading right now?
5.      What is your favorite vacation destination? If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?
6.      Do you collect anything? What is the oddest thing you’ve heard of or seen someone collecting?

Okay, I’ll kick things off…

1.       I’m originally from a small town near Buffalo, NY. I now reside in Podunk, NC. (Actually near Charlotte, NC)
2.      I’m a horticulturalist, part business owner, and writerJ.
3.      Writing is relaxation to me. Of course if I were actually on a deadline it wouldn’t be relaxing! Then reading would be my relaxation.
4.      I love fiction. Especially romance. Specifically contemporary and historical, oh and women’s fiction. I like Robyn Carr, Carla Neggers, Julia London, Susan Mallery, and I stalk…er…like, Jill Shalvis also! (To name a few!) Currently I'm reading TIME OUT, by Jill Shalvis.
5.      I love to vacation in Savannah, Georgia. (So much so I hope to be living there soon!) If I could go anywhere I would go to Ireland. (Did you really expect anything else from me?:O) )
6.      Well, you know now that I collect autographed books. I have heard of people collecting dead bugs. :/ (No offense intended if you're one of them!)

See…that wasn't too painful. Was it? I'm looking forward to your responses!

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