Monday, December 3, 2012

Patience Is Not My Virtue

They say that patience is a virtue. Well, I’m without said virtue, because I have no patience. I blame my red hair. I blame my short temper (actually it’s much longer than it used to be, just watch out when it blows!) I blame, oh, I don’t know, everything under the sun because I don’t have nearly one ounce of patience.

  Some people I know are full of it. They can be pushed and pulled, in and out, up and down, this way and that. And they never get worked up about it. If they do it doesn’t show. I’m afraid I’m one of those people that shows everything from sentimentality, (I’m a sap) to happiness to frustration. Recently I wondered out loud why I can’t make it through an episode of Grey’s Anatomy anymore without crying. There are times that I get frustrated at myself for being soooo sentimental. If I were more patient that probably wouldn’t happen.

  How bad am I? Hmmm. Thanks for asking.

  I am so impatient that I think there should a fast lane and slow lane for walking. I understand some people have conditions that prevent them from walking at a reasonable pace, and I am truly sorry about that. That is where a slow lane would come in handy. I’m from New York. I move at a faster pace than most. There are times when I tempt a head on collision with oncoming walkers just to get around the slow as a snail peeps.

  I get impatient with my niece, who knows about my patience deficiency, yet pokes and prods at it every time we are together. She does it in various ways, and even tends to be creative with new ideas on how to get to me. Various friends and family often say to her, “Do you know your Aunt Kelly?” She simply smiles and waits for me to explode. (This rarely happens, gulp.)

I made my own cover for a class!
  So when I turned real serious about this writing thing I wanted it all. I wanted to be published fast. I wanted to be on a deadline. I want to see my name on the front cover of a book. On a shelf. In a bookstore. Not in my dreams. But reality struck me. I have taken baby steps and am doing the best I can to try fulfill this dream. Sooner or later it will come. Failure is not an option. But my patience level… It is good on most days, but some days it all just gets to me.

  Yes maybe I am a little melodramatic when it comes to the subject of my patience. Honestly I don’t feel like I have much, but there have been times where I have held on way too long. When it comes to writing, I will hang on as long as possible.

  Is patience one of your virtues? Does Grey’s Anatomy make you cry? What is something that you feel your patience level has far surpassed?  

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