Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolution Revolution

I can guarantee my neighbors are not dressed like this!

    The year is coming to an end as another lies in wait right around the corner. Are you excited? Or are you wishing that you could hold onto this one a little longer? Do you stay up and celebrate on New Year’s Eve? Or do you treat it just like any other night? Does the city or town where you live celebrate in any way? Do they drop their own ball? Do they shoot off fireworks? Am I full of questions today or what?

  Out here the towns really don’t do anything, but I believe that in Charlotte (North Carolina for those of you just stopping in for the first time) they do a mini version of New York City’s ball drop. Up here in Podunk I am blessed with cannon’s exploding. And I don’t mean just at midnight to scare the New Year back a decade either. These cannons are an all day thing. They start early in the morning as if they need a fourteen hour warm up to blast the New Year in in just the right way. Enough about life in Podunk though. I want to hear about you, and your traditions.

  Every year I watch and hear of people making resolutions. I hear the same ole… “I want to quit smoking,” or “I want to lose twenty pounds.” Morning shows like the ‘Today Show’ or ‘Good Morning America’ will run story after story about the best possible ways to lose weight, or to get in shape. They’ll run stories on how to quit smoking, or how to save money. Anything one might resolve to do they will cover it. And they’ll cover it to no end. A few weeks later they will also cover how many people gave up on their resolutions. So… Are you a believer in the resolutions? Do you make a vow to yourself or your loved ones that you are going to change a part of who you are?

  I don’t want anyone to misconstrue what I am about to say. If you are a resolution person that is fine and dandy. And good luck to you! I wish you nothing but the best. It’s just I am not a believer in the I-Will-Quit-Something-At-The-Stroke-Of-Midnight type. I am a believer in the You-Have-To-Have-The-Right-Mindset type. I am not a believer in doing something just because everyone else does. I believe in doing something when you are ready. If that day happens to fall on New Year’s, fine.

  Almost three years ago I quit smoking. I didn’t really want to, but I knew I had to. I didn’t try to make a resolution to do it. I knew chances were I might fail. Here’s the thing though. I put myself in the right mindset. I knew I had to be strong to overcome my addiction. I picked a day and went for it. I can’t help it that I picked July 4th, or Independence Day, here in the U.S. If I was going to do it and be successful I wanted to symbolize it in a way. Quirky much? Yes! But because I was strong, and focused on the positive, I overcame the hold that nicotine had on me. It made me a healthier person, and a mentally stronger person than I was before it. Even now when I think I can’t do something I focus on that one aspect and realize I can do just about anything I put my mind to.

  So if you are one that makes resolutions I just suggest that you have the right mindset first. Gear yourself to make the necessary changes that giving up a part of yourself entails. Prepare for obstacles, because there always seems to be some. And don’t ever give up. Be strong and remember even if you fail at first keep trying. If you let the negative into your mind you will never overcome your will to succeed.

  Wow. I did not mean for this rambling to turn into that. Honestly I just wanted it to be a Happy New Year, blah, blah, and good luck with your resolutions. Then suddenly I went waaaay off on another track. Should I go back and fix it? Nah.

  Happy New Year my peeps! I wish you all the best in upcoming year, and hope that this one is better than the last!

Do you believe in resolutions? Have you made any and kept them? What do you do to celebrate the New Year?        

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