Thursday, December 6, 2012

Realtor War

This is not it, but very similar.

The rain is trickling down at the moment. Our ground here is gulping it down as soon as it lands. We are in a drought right now so every droplet counts. Every once in a while I stop typing to glance up at the gray skies. The room I do most of my writing in is a place I commonly refer to as the Inspiration Room. It is a very open room right off of our living room. Most would call it a sun room,  but I am not like most. Two walls are windows that on most days allow ample sunlight in. My desk is situated so my view is of the windows, the back yard, and beyond.

  I have been doing a lot of writing lately, and being a creature of habit I have certain routines I do. I have a Christmas music channel on the satellite playing softly for background music. A scented candle burns in the living room as well so I get a nice aroma flowing through too. Right now though my dogs are snoring so loud that I can’t concentrate!

  So I am sitting. Staring out the window. Various different conversations are running through my head, some fictional with my current book, some real. One recent string of emails has me shaking my head.

  The other day the Charmed One and I were having a conversation about our realtor. We never hear from her and were wondering if this is normal for people that are trying to sell a house. I kid you not about fifteen minutes after that conversation my phone dings alerting me to an email. I laughed as I checked it because it was our realtor asking if the house could be shown by another agent later that day. I thought of it as a sign. The house showed and early the next morning I received another email with the follow up info from the showing. The agent stated that her clients liked that the house was full brick, and had a great yard, but that was the first house they had looked at. The clients were looking for something a little newer and blah, blah, blah. I emailed our realtor back and said that was disappointing, but what can you do. So much for signs. Later that day I wrote my last blog about not having patience. Coincidence? I think not!

  Get on with the story, Kel. The next day I received another email from my realtor. It read, “At least its showing.” Now, I was not negative with her at all, but her response raised my eyebrows. Showing? We have had three showings in three months. Do you call that showing? As I sat befuddled I forwarded her response to the Charmed One, who is all business almost all the time. Little did I know it would start a mini war between the Charmed One and the realtor, but it did.

  Let me just say that we've watched Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, or HGTV, or whatever channel it’s on. We admire those realtors who are the all out, get it sold, type. Ours… well, ours is a part time realtor who believes that listing on a few different websites is adequate. Don’t get me wrong, I like her. I know the market is still not up to par, and I didn’t expect it to sell right away. But I also DO expect her to do a little work to sell it. So far every showing has been from another realtor. As I have previously discussed… patience is not my virtue.

  So, do you see what happens when the dogs’ rhythmic snoring interrupts me from working on my book? Y’all get a rambling like this. Sorry!!!

  Do you have any specific thing that inspires you? Is there an area of your house that you like more than others? Have you dealt with a real estate agent lately? Do you have a realty story that might bring a smile to my face?

W.P.I. - A good landscape can add up to 20% to your home’s value. It may cost a little to put it in, but in the long run it will pay off.    

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