Monday, April 22, 2013

How Are You Still In Business?

  If this is your first visit with me let me start off by saying thank you for stopping in! If it isn’t your first visit with me let me say thank you for coming back! And whoever keeps coming and reading my rants on their publication day before I even get out of bed, thank you. You bring a smile to my face!

  Just to catch you first timers up, I’m a writer trying to establish new friends and followers in hopes that one day you may buy one of my books. Blah. Blah. Blah. I blog (rant) on Mondays and Thursdays, so feel free to make this writers day and come back! Oh one more thing about me… I’m a redhead. Occasionally my temper sleeps in, or decides to take a vacation. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can’t find it. Those occasions are brought on by the following instances. Instances that make me ask…

  How are you still in business?

  Various grocery/box stores. The selections many stores carry are becoming fewer and fewer. How do you function with no, or few, vegetables? How can you only carry one brand of milk? Where did our freedom of choice go? Your customer service is horrendous too. Why don’t your employees know where everything is? Could you please take a page from Lowe’s Home Improvement stores? Their employees know where every item is found, lane number and whereabouts in that lane. If they don’t they will walk with you until they figure it out. THAT is customer service.

  United States Postal Service. Do I even have to explain? Yes? Okay. And before I start I have to apologize to various family and friends that work there. *deep breath, exhale* I was going to be out of town on my niece’s birthday so I couldn’t hand deliver her present. Since she is young I paid for 2-3 day service so she would definitely get her present in time. She lives 40 minutes away from me. Can you see where this is going? Yea. Five days later she still didn’t have her present. Her birthday had come and gone. I went to my local post office a couple weeks ago. They didn’t have stamps. Should I repeat that? My local post office says they don’t have parcel post service anymore… They claim that they have stopped offering that service. :/ Not two weeks later I received a package from my mother in NY that was sent… wait for it… parcel post. I believe the only reason the post office is still in business is because it is a government entity.

  Any realtor/business person that does this. We recently had our house for sale, and unfortunately had to take it back off the market. Since then the mailbox has been flooded with other realtors soliciting themselves. I cannot tell you how many of their business cards looked like they were made right on their own computer. They are paper thin. The best part is they have at least one item (phone or address) that has been blackened out with a Sharpie marker. One even has a magnet haphazardly glued to the back. Let me just say NOTHING screams professionalism like blackened out anything on business cards. Any realtor worth their salt should be able to afford new business cards if any of their information has changed. Don’t ya think?

  So there you have it. Obviously I may have been pushed to the brink, or my temper may have been nowhere to be found with some of these occurrences. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, remember it is only a rant!

  Do you have a short temper? What business do you think should be out of business? Have you found a place that has great customer service?

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