Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pollen Assault

The view outside my windows.

  I just finished my every other day all out assault on pollen. I happen to live in one of the worst areas in the US for the nasty yellow stuff. A couple years ago I started to suffer from allergies, and I think I pay the price for the years without them. Every year I seem to get worse and worse. It’s not just me though. Many of us suffer, even my poor dog. So this year I’m going about things differently.

  I have a mission to become known as the Crazy Plant Lady. I want plants everywhere. I want my man neighbors to scratch their head and say, “What is that nutcase up to now?” And I want the women neighbors to say, “Honey, what is she doing? I want that!” ;) Then I will plant my hedge and block them all out! Heh. *laughs a devilish laugh*

  Here’s the problem… How can I become Crazy Plant Lady if I’m confined in the house during the Spring planting season? I've decided to play things differently this year. As soon as I saw the disgusting lime-green/yellow descent start I formulated a plan. This year I mow the lawn with a mask on. If I’m outside for a long period of time I shower when I come in. Clothes get changed and washed immediately. Windows stay shut no matter how beautiful it is out. And I spray down my deck and front porch every other day. I don’t sit outside a lot when pollen fills the air. The deck wash is mostly for my dog. Every fifteen minutes she feels a need to go lie on the porch and soak up the sun. After a couple minutes she comes back in. Minutes later the routine starts all over. She gets allergies real bad, but this year since starting the deck washing and wiping her paws and fur down she seems better. So far anyway. I have my fingers crossed it stays that way. Trust me, my heart breaks when she looks up to me with those big brown eyes that say, “Itchies all over. Fix please.”

  So far so good for me too! But I just went and bought more plants today. I have started  three hundred different annuals, perennials, and herbs. Then I have bought annuals and vegetables. I went shopping today and purchased a couple shrubs, more annuals, and a vine. Yes. I’ve done some work, but most is yet to come. Bring out the mask; I've some planting to do! I’m on a mission, and I will not be stopped!

  Do you suffer from allergies? Do you have a pet that feels the effects of them? Are you a crazy plant lady, or do you know one?

Weekly Planting Information (W.P.I.) - If you have to be outside, minimize your exposure to pollen.
·         Check pollen counts before planning outdoor activities.
·         Avoid being outdoors in the early morning, when pollen is most widespread.
·         Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from pollen.
·         Have someone else mow your grass. If you must do yard work, wear a mask. (I got over the looking like a goof thing real quick!)
·         Going on vacation? Look for a place where pollen is low, such as the beach, or take your medications with you.
·         Change your clothing when you come indoors. Shower and wash your hair first.

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