Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doll Collection

  Growing up I had three brothers that kept me on my toes. We would bike; play games like basketball and football, or stuff like billiards or matchbox. Yea, this girl grew up with minimal in the girl department when it came to toys. Items such as dolls and dresses were few and far between.

  I think my mother tried to make up for the lack of feminism, but a little later on in my life. She started collecting dolls. By dolls I mean baby dolls and such, not Barbie or anything like that. She collected boy dolls and girl dolls, doll cribs and high chairs. When she collects something she goes all the way. After a few years a whole section of the living room was dedicated to the dolls.

  Skip ahead fifteen years.

  We visit my parents on this vacation. It is me, the Charmed One, my niece and the niece of Charmed. The two girls are 14 and 12 years old. We were sitting around talking and the girls start talking about the scary doll in the bedroom. My niece makes the same face the doll has. We all cracked up.

  My mother didn’t happen to be around during this conversation, but when my niece came in with various freaky dolls mom started looking confused. All of us laughed hysterically, except mom. After we wiped our tears of laughter and caught our breath we explained to her that we thought some of her dolls were a little scary. I wasn’t sure how she’d take the news, but she was okay with it.

  Fast forward one day and now she asked me to put them up for sale on eBay. J Maybe next time we come to visit this face won’t be staring at us as we walk in the bedroom!
It can be freaky!
  I know there are many scary dolls out there. These aren't too too bad, but in the right circumstance...

  Do dolls scare you? Did you ever collect dolls? What does a family member/friend collect that you think is scary? Interested in buying any of these? J

W.P.I.- Speaking of scary-One of my dogs has had a problem with ticks finding her. Although we put the flea and tick medication on them we still worry. When I found one on myself I started looking for reasonable/environmentally friendly solutions. What I found was this neat little concoction.
               Cut up lemons, limes, grapefruit, or anything citrus-y. Put into two cups of water and bring to a boil. Boil for one to two minutes, then simmer for an hour. Drain citrus water and cool. Spray on yourself and pets to keep ticks off. (Apparently ticks do not like citrus.) Keep refrigerated.

  *I tried this and so far haven’t had any problems with ticks!*

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