Monday, June 17, 2013

Food Hangover

  It was Father’s Day yesterday here in the U.S. I know that means something different for everyone, for my family it means a lot of food. So for most of yesterday and part of today I feel like I am suffering from a food hangover.

  It is a rare occasion that my whole family can get together considering I live in North Carolina and the rest of the brood live in New York. This year is the exception to the rule though because I am in New York. So for Father’s Day we decided to have a picnic.

  We got the whole family together, which is rare even if we are all in one area. Everyone brought a dish to pass, we did the barbecuing on the grill, and mom made her special dishes. Now I will add that every time we come home the gas grill miraculously runs out of propane. Every.Stinking.Time. The Charmed One usually does the grilling, this time was no exception. We were told that the tank had gas and away we went. Three different meats filled the big grill, both racks packed full. Two and a half hours later the meat still wasn’t done. There may have been propane in the tank, but the burners weren’t working correctly. Our 3 o’clock dinner turned into 4:30.

  It didn’t matter. We laughed, we ate, we teased and taunted, we ate some more. When dinner was finished cake was served. I even had a piece of that. Yeah, my low sugar diet is out the window during this trip. Needless to say I could’ve been plopped into a wheel barrel like a shovel full of dirt and wheeled away from the table. Hours later as I sit here I still feel like I could explode. I shouldn’t need to eat for a couple days.

  Yes, my Father’s Day involved a hangover of food. I cherished every moment, and will remember it for a time to come. Even if I can’t move too well at this time! Cherish the moments, my friends. 

  How did you celebrate Father’s Day? Did you bring a smile to that special man’s face? Was there waaay too much food involved? Did you have a food hangover?

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