Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cavalier Queen

  Sorry peeps, I have to give you a Kelly rerun. It was one of my favorites, and hopefully yours too. I will be back with you next week. Until then enjoy your Labor Day weekend (U.S. viewers). Without further ado, I bring you the Cavalier Queen!

  Years ago I used to watch the television show Sex and the City. Well, really, who didn't? In the later episodes the character Charlotte was given a dog. I took one look at that dog and said, "I want one!" I think all dogs are cute, but this one...this one melted my heart. I did some research and found out the breed name was Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

  And now, the story told from her point of view!

  Hello…my name is Alexis.  I suppose you are wondering why I am speaking to you with a British accent? Because I am the Queen, of course. I am royalty with a capital R! I demand attention everywhere I go, and I expect my peopoes to adhere to my wishes. I have my owners, as they call themselves, wrapped around my paws. Like everyone else they cringe when I enter the room. I need a lap, I need a fuzzy blanket, and I need lots of love. I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel peopoes. Doesn’t the name ooze with royalty?

  A couple of years after my peeps got me they took me for a ride. I, of course, was excited because I always get a lap in the front seat. Always. Imagine my displeasure when we reached our destination and I smelled many other stinky dawgs. After a few minutes with some new peopoes we left with another Cavalier. She, though, is a disgrace to our breed. She was bigger than breed standard, her eyes bulged out of her head, and she was a coward. Every little noise frightened her. 

  Shortly after we got home she told me her story. She was purposely bred big. The nasty peopoes wanted the newest, greatest things for Cavaliers. She had already been a mommy too. Wow. She was really young for that. I started to feel for the lass. I warmed up to her ever so slightly and started to show her the ropes.

  Now she is almost normal. Or as normal as she can be. They call our breed “Love sponges,” and my sidekick Savannah here takes that meaning to the hilt. She is constantly by someone’s side. She hogs every goo- goo or gaga spoken. Harrumph. I taught her how our breed is the best at making our peopoe feel the guiltiest. We do that with our eyes. Sometimes we can make them really big like the *gasp* animated dog in Lady and the Tramp.  I generally give her the evil stare, but sometimes I let her near me. Savannah loves me, and I love…me!

  Thanks for attending this meeting.   All rise, the Queen is leaving!

P.S.-No animals were harmed in the above pics! Savannah found a goose feather in the yard one day and wanted to bring it in. Alexis, of course, turned her nose up to that.

So, tell me about your pets! Dogs, cats, lizards, goldfish, whatever you may have. Just not snakes! :)  


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