Monday, December 16, 2013

Sleigh Ride

      We are entering the final days before Christmas. Are you finished and just anticipating the big day(s)? Are you running frantically trying to get those last gifts for that someone you may have forgotten? Are you baking cookies, fudge, or candy? Or do you let others do the baking, and you reap the benefits? 

       Does the holiday season stress you? 

       How about you come on a little trip? Why don't you climb aboard this beautiful sleigh and take a ride. Let's enjoy the fact you don't have to drive yourself. Let's enjoy the thought of not having to shovel snow, or trudge through it to get to stores. Let the sights relax you. Look at that branch hang low from the weight of the snow. Let the bright red color of that Cardinal in the tree bring a smile to your face. Let the untouched scenery warm your heart. Breathe in the cool air and feel the warmth of your loved one next to you.

      You glide into our destination. A cabin in the middle of tall pines awaits you. There is no sound, only peace and quiet. The warmth of the cabin hits you as soon as you open the door. Mulling spices simmer away on the stove sending a festive aroma throughout the air. The cabin is inviting in every way, but the fireplace aglow with soft flames is luring you in. That is where you are drawn. An over-sized, soft as you could imagine, chair awaits you with a steaming cup of tea on an end table.  

      You climb aboard and find a book sitting on the table next to the tea. A smile comes to your face as your reach for it. It is you, your loved one, and the book in front of the fireplace.

      Out of every book available which do you choose? What does your loved one read along beside you? 


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