Monday, December 2, 2013

What I Learned From My Niece

    The long holiday weekend is over. Did you want it to be longer, or are you happy to get back to your norm? 

    My parents visited, and we got my niece for a few days as well. Now, the niece is twelve years old. Twelve. Needless to say it has been a very long time since any of us has been around an almost teenager. 

    I survived and thought I'd share what I learned:

1.) Twelve year old kids will answer a question with only one word. 

2.) Cell phones apparently have glue that oozes out as soon as said 12 yo touches it, rendering hands useless and minds mindless. 

3.) A twelve year old girl with braces will not smile.

4.) This twelve year old with me still blew bubbles in her drink and wrote on steamy car windows.... :/ Grrrr.

5.) Shopping of any sort, except for a temporary tattoo, was like pulling teeth.

6.) It is virtually impossible to peak a twelve year old's curiosity. 

7.) Twelve year old nieces don't want to be friends on Instagram. (Hmm. We'll see bout that!)

8.) Boys are what the world revolves around.

9.) The only people a twelve year old wants to hang around are other twelve year old's.

10.) When a twelve year old does answer a question with more than one word it is with the words, "I dunno."

11.) Twelve year old's will have bad backs and eyes in only a few short years from being hunched a foot over that same said cell phone.

12.) I thank heavens the twelve year old will soon be 13... I think! 

Next year I may do a blog on what I learned from a thirteen year old. :)

Do you have kids? How old? Do you have any advice for the next time I get to spend time with my 12 yo niece? (Besides limit cell phone time!)

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