Monday, December 23, 2013

Time is Ticking By

      The trees have been plucked from their grounds, tied up, dispersed, displayed, and bought. They have found their final resting place to be displayed in bright lights, cheery ornaments, and festive bows for friends and family to see. 

      Presents have been bought from stores near and far. They've been hidden, and wrapped, and possibly hidden again before they find their place under the pretty tree. Some are decorated with bows, some are hidden in bags. 

      Fudge, cookies, and candies have been made, and now are presenting themselves evilly. They tempt all who walk by, all who dare to look at them.

      Many children have attended their last day of school for at least a week, leaving them home, eagerly anticipating the big day. Do they scour the house for gifts? Do they help with the last minute needs? 

      Certain channels have been showing Christmas movies since Thanksgiving. Stray Christmas cartoons like Dr. Seuss, Charlie Brown, and Rudolph have been aired. Chevy Chase's crazy antics in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has been shown a couple times, always bringing a smile to my face. (One of my favorites.) Love, Actually has even been on. Sadly I only caught a couple minutes of that. (Another of my favorites.) 

      Time is ticking by. The day is almost upon us. 

      The day to see shining faces, listen to endless laughter, smell the roasting meal, and just feel the feel of Christmas.

      Are you ready for it? What is your favorite Christmas movie? Do you celebrate at your house, or someone else's? What do you look most forward to?


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