Monday, June 16, 2014

Entertaining the Masses

One of my fave museums.
      "I'm tired," she says in a high pitched, whiny voice.

      Yes, that was me. Whining. But believe me when I say it is a good whine. I am tired, but it is from entertaining company. Which is a fun thing. :)

      At first it was the Charmed One's mother who came for a visit. She came in for a few days around Mother's Day. Then she ended up staying longer. Like a few weeks longer. But I didn't mind. I actually liked it. She did laundry, and cooked! A lot. So yes, we toted her around town, showing her the sights, having a merry ole time. She loved people watching, and I enjoyed hearing her funny stories about that when I got home from work. 

      My heart hurt a little when she went back to New York. But it didn't have time to hurt much. Last week the Charmed One's father called to announce they would be coming to town for a couple days. Enter this weekend.

      Now Dad 2 and his wife have been here a couple times. So they know a little about the history and vibe of this small city. We had to get creative. They had brought a friend with a bad foot, so walking wasn't an option. Their visit then became a personalized tour. The first night we met for dinner and sat for hours talking and reminiscing. The next day, however, we had all day.  We met for breakfast then piled into the car and took off. We toured the city, telling of our own observances and learnings, showing what we've come to know and love. 

      Then we left the city and headed toward Tybee Island. We chatted up the whole drive and eventually ended up at the Tybee Lighthouse. Although you could tour the lighthouse and on site buildings we opted not to. (This lighthouse is the one where I discovered I had a fear of heights.) We then traveled a little farther south and stopped at the main beach. The pier is a must, and everyone made their way there. We sat, talked, had ice cream, then left. It was a great time.

      Later we had a dinner date. Now it is 11:05 at night and I'm exhausted. Between work and company I'm worn out. But happy! I wouldn't trade any of it. :) I love this city, my work, and the company!

      What tires you out? Do you live at a tourist destination? How often do you see your family?


  1. My dogs exhaust me! But I wouldn't trade for the my family and the beautiful city we live in!