Monday, June 23, 2014

False Advertising?

  False advertisement, to me, is advertising a product to be able to do something specific, and then that product does not live up to expectation, or the product fails to deliver what was specifically stated it would. Now, if I were to look up the definition I’m sure there would be some fancy thirty page legal definition that would basically cover every manufacturers arse, because really there are so many products that don’t live up to expectation it is ridiculous. Can you tell what I am going to talk about today? That’s right. I’m going to talk about two products that are epic failures in my eyes. These two products have somehow made their way into this universe and continue to sell even though they do not live up to what is advertised.

  Just so you know I know there are many products out there that are far from expectation. I’m just telling you these two because they absolutely put every piece of patience I have to use. These two products, no matter how well meaning, or how “good” they are for us make me want to pull my hair out. One by one. So without further ado…

  Product 1:

  Saran Wrap/Cling Wrap

  Every time I need to use this product I have to practice breathing slowly. My hands shake as I open the cupboard door to retrieve it. A box of band aid’s are on hand because I always, always manage to cut myself on the jagged teeth that have no problem cutting my skin, but all the problems in the world cutting said cling wrap. The box states “Easy to Handle Wrap.” Huh. I think that’s just cra… ! After I finally tackle getting a piece of this product from hell cut it automatically suctions itself to my hand. Here’s another problem. I need it to cover a bowl, not my hand. So then I have both band aids and cling wrap covering me, when I would like uncut fingers and my food covered. When I finally get part of the wonderful cling wrap to stick to whatever I need it to go on I start to breathe a sigh of relief. Until I get the rest on. Then it inevitably seems to lose its so called “cling.” Supposedly this product keeps your food fresh longer. This only happens when it is on airtight. 

  Product 2:

  Energy Efficient/Extra Long Life Light Bulbs

  Before you get mad at me for this one just listen to my complaint first. I have no qualms whatsoever about trying to make a better world, or making things better for our environment, and making us less reliant on so many things. My complaint is this. This box clearly states that these bulbs last 9 years or 10,000 hours. Do you want to know how long the last one lasted that I just replaced? A year and a half. It was in the bathroom. Not a room that has many hours of use. One other complaint about this is… what the heck are you supposed to do with them when they do go bad before their 9 years of use? These “new wave” light bulbs contain mercury. Our beautiful country rushes them onto the market without giving thought to where to dispose of them when they don’t live up to their advertised longevity. Maybe they thought they had nine years to figure it out???

  Just sayin! This is my rant for today. I intended nothing but laughs from it, and hope it gave you one or two!

  Do you have a product that you believe could be false advertisement? What product do you hate to deal with? Do you have any hints on how to better deal with the cling wrap, or where to dispose of those light bulbs?

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