Monday, June 9, 2014

Fashion Police

      I totally stepped into the 20teen's today. I'm probably a few years behind the times, but hey, I'm here now. Stop chuckling! I've never been into the latest clothes or anything. Most times the fashion police could throw me in jail. But not anymore!

      Today I took a stroll downtown. I had scoped out some shoes and decided to splurge a little. One of the sporting goods stores carried exactly what I wanted. I just hoped they had my size. We walked in and peered around until we saw them. Then I was drawn, like a moth to a light. The world around me turned into a blur. I had tunnel vision. (Thankfully there were no small children in my way! ;))

      Before I go any further I feel a need to explain why I wanted these shooz. You see, I work outdoors. I play with plants, so I either wear hiking boots or sneakers. With the weather in the 90s two things happen. One, my feet sweat. Two, I water said plants. Inevitably my feet get soaked in the process. And just recently I realized how much I hate it when my socks are soaked. And by hate it I mean I-can't-stand-it-to-the-point-I-want-to-rip-said-shoes-and-socks-off-and throw-them-away. Daily. It gives me the willies. 

      Today I hopefully put an end to the wet sock trauma. I bought a pair of these beauties...

      So, okay. They are not green. I flipped a coin and got the gray ones instead. They fit my ugly feet just a little bit better. I don't know how, they just did. :) Then I wore them out of the store and all around the city. :) I wanted to run fast and jump high and say, "Look at these, look at these!" 

      But I didn't. Charmed One may have had me committed if I had. 

      What kind of shoes do you wear to work? Do you wear flip-flops? Can you handle the tong between the toes? 

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