Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting Back To Writing

  This week I’m getting back on track. At least I hope. I’ve let my writing go to the wayside, and I’m not liking myself very much because of it. Have you ever had so much going on that you let something you enjoy get abandoned?

  Over the past few months I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve had to put my writing to the side for a paying job! When I get to finally sit down at night I can’t concentrate on putting coherent words on paper. This week I aim to change that. I’ve had enough. To me writing is like a drug. If I don’t get my fix, my pages, I start to shake. I get grumpy. I feel for those who have to be around me. Well, you get what I’m saying.

  I'm writing a New Adult Contemporary Romance. I saw a couple of publisher that look for stories of 40,000 words, so I thought what the heck. Now, I’ve never read a NACR that was that few words, but I thought I’d give it a chance. The odd thing is that I didn’t have references to people, no pictures, no storyboard. I was almost winging the story as I wrote it.

  Fortunately for me I haven’t got too far into the novel yet. My thought process is almost complete though. I believe my beginning is good. I just may have to tweak a couple areas. Finally I also have some pictures to go along with these characters in my head.

  For a little info about this title-less book…
Meet Raven and Nate.

  Raven Alexander is America’s sweetheart. She sang and danced her way into their lives at the age of 17. Now, 4 years later, it appears to everyone she is at the top of her career. Unfortunately for Raven she can’t escape the memories of an accident that took her best friends life, and injured her sister, a few months earlier. Suffering from exhaustion and depression Raven escapes to her sister Jessica’s house, leaving her career up in the air. Jessica is the one who can help Raven become whole again. She’s done it her whole life, and Raven is counting on her for it now.
Raven has a new habit.

  Everything changes when Raven she sees her sister talking with a gorgeous man every morning on the beach. When she finally meets this man, Nate, they are drawn together in ways Raven has never experienced. Between her own struggles and trying to figure out the secrets why Nate keeps her at arm’s length, the person of Raven’s nightmares reappears. When everyone’s lives are at risk can Raven and Nate pull out of their own despair to save each other?  

Can they heal each other?

  I know it’s a little rough. Well, really, really, rough, but you will forgive me, right? ;) I have started a board for this book on Pinterest titled New Book. You can follow along as I add to their story here, .

  Do you put things you love to the side when life gets too hectic? Does the synopsis sound okay so far? With that short bit can you come up with a title? I’m open for suggestions peeps! :)



  1. Interesting plot. Title? Raven's Flight, Path of Raven

    1. Great question! Actually I don't have a title yet. Sometimes I have one in mind early on, others it takes a while to come up with one. :) Thanks for responding, and I'll keep your suggestions in mind!